ANAHEIM, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Morgan Drexen, the country’s leading debt settlement services provider to consumer advocate law firms, is now offering up to a $1000 cash advance as part of the company’s innovative Emergency Direct Assistance Fund (EDAF). With EDAF and the help of Morgan Drexen’s paralegals, cash-strapped American families can reverse credit card debt and actually reduce their overall financial liability faster than ever. Offered through a network of affiliated attorneys serviced by Morgan Drexen, EDAF is a Godsend to consumers who increasingly find themselves under a pile of debt and relentlessly pursued by collectors and credit card companies.

The exclusive EDAF “cash advance” program is the first of its kind; and it comes at an ideal time for millions of Americans who have fallen seriously behind in their credit card payments through no fault of their own. (After all, it was Wall Street recklessness, not American families, that has led to today’s job losses, bankruptcies and uncertain economy.)

“Our goal is to offer immediate financial help to the clients of debt settlement law firms who have lost jobs, have unexpected medical bills or other financial difficulties that are so common during these extremely dire financial times,” explains Walter Ledda, founder of Morgan Drexen. “Our EDAF cash advance helps to get consumers’ financial situation moving in the right direction, to quickly reverse debt and prepare for an effective settlement agreement with credit card companies.”

How does this cash advance help clients reverse their debt? Most consumers don’t understand that settling with credit card companies, even if they could resolve their debt for pennies on the dollar, requires some cash to settle. As Ledda explains, “Our EDAF program advances clients some cash in hand, giving them a huge head start on building a fund that will ultimately lower monthly payments, leave more money for day-to-day essentials, avoid bankruptcy and settle credit card debt for substantially less than they now owe.”

All too often fly-by-night debt consolidators offer desperate families unscrupulous plans that do nothing to reduce long-term debt and often can make matters worse.

Consumers Need Legal Counsel

According to Ledda, the proliferation of deceitful debt consolidation schemes is one reason why families need solid legal counsel: not only to protect their rights, but also to supervise tough debt negotiators willing to work on their side. “Reaching any settlement without the protection of legal counsel is dangerous, and can leave you trapped into deeper debt,” warns Ledda. “Negotiating with credit card companies on your own, or through so-called ‘credit counselors’ who actually may work for the credit card companies themselves, is very foolish and can be fatal to your long-term financial health.”

Morgan Drexen’s nationally-recognized services to law firms include debt settlement programs, including EDAF, with the supervision of local attorneys. Legal counsel review all settlements and consumers cash is held in a trust account pending settlements.

About Morgan Drexen

As the creator of America’s most effective debt settlement services to law firms, Morgan Drexen works with local and regional attorneys to substantially lower credit card and other unsecured debt, to protect clients from threats and harassment, and to help consumers build a secure financial future. The company’s Emergency Direct Assistance Fund (EDAF) is the first of its kind and quickly is gaining national recognition as a much-needed lifeline for families who are suffering through today’s economic upheaval.

Located in Anaheim, CA, Morgan Drexen also provides full administrative support services, staffing and marketing services to many of this country’s top legal firms.

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