PAVILION, N.Y. — Syntec Optics, recipient of the prestigious 2008 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Award in the North American polymer optics market, announces new manufacturing capacity that directly correlates with its focus on innovation. Syntec is also actively seeking more staff. To quote the Frost and Sullivan award, “Syntec Optics, through its commitment to innovation and consistent focus on profitability, is rapidly growing at an average annual growth rate of 16%.” Paul Tolley, Syntec VP/GM notes, “Our customers need complex custom optics for unique defense, medical or biometric/security applications and/or increasingly for energy-saving LED illumination. The key to great individual solutions is to continually strive for better manufacturability, lower-cost processes and enhanced materials, using a team approach for applying production innovations fast. This new equipment will let us grow production volume by about 50% and significantly increase our capability to innovate.”

syntecRick Arndt, Syntec VP/Tooling adds, “Many Syntec innovations are already high value. Our patented HRDT(TM) (High Refraction Diamond Turning) technology enables rapid turn-around prototypes for wave-sensitive, heat-resistant optics, cutting total development costs up to 5X. Proprietary mold designs automatically compensate for shrinkage, reducing molding time 25-40%. Enhanced materials, such as the new Acrylic Co-Polymer have been carefully tested for optics performance.”

The new equipment includes: 1) Moore Nanotech 450 that increases diamond turning capacity by 50% and enables complex optics shapes that are up to 33% larger, 2) Three automated injection molding machines that increase molding capacity by over 20% and enable molded lenses up to 33% larger 3) Makino Wire-EDM for tooling, which delivers 200% more capacity with lower energy/space costs, 4) Zeiss Contura G2 (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and a Zygo 6000 (White light information) for expanded metrology.

Paul Tolley, General Manager concludes, “Complex optics, unusual geometries and integrated solutions demand sophisticated metrology. It’s critical that completed optics meet individual specifications, however, what sets Syntec apart are tailored test plans for integrated performance objectives.”

About Syntec Optics,

Syntec Optics is the largest independent manufacturer of custom plastic optics in North America – one custom lens or a million. Services are all “in-house” and include design, tooling, production, integrated assembly services and full metrology. With hundreds of completed engagements, customers worldwide can rely on skilled teamwork for high performance, low cost outcomes that push the polymer envelope.

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