NEW YORK, N.Y. — Metrofunk Corporation announced today that on November 15, 2007 they will launch, the world’s first invite-only social network devoted entirely to nightlife, fashion, film, and music. was created specifically to allow industry trendsetters such as nightclub promoters, fashion designers, music artists, and filmmakers, the ability to create, build, and monetize their individually branded online social networks.

The Metrofunk project is a collaborative effort that began two years ago by a team of industry veterans and trendsetters. Amidst a time in the entertainment industry when traditional business structures and practices are incessantly being challenged and tested, Metrofunk offers influencers a leveled playing field to promote and monetize their creative works. The mission is to empower trendsetters around the world by giving them the technology to create and build their own personally branded social networks.

Metrofunk social network These personal social networks will later serve as grassroots distribution channels for their own products. They will also be provided with a suite of social media tools to post and promote all their creative works: events, fashion collections, films, music, photos, blogs, and videos.

All user generated content is displayed in a user-friendly popularity-driven manner and categorized under one of Metrofunk’s four lifestyle verticals (nightlife, fashion, film, and music). In order for other users to view and access the content, they must be invited to the site by an existing trendsetter network. Once they join, new users immediately become a member of the trendsetter network they were invited by. Only approved trendsetters have the ability to start their own networks.

In the age of mobile communications and social networking, Metrofunk brings the online scene to a new level. Metrofunk is ideal for users who have graduated from one-size-fits-all social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook and are looking for a more exclusive network with sexier, trendier, and more sophisticated people. One might compare to the Blarneys and Saks Fifth Ave. of social networking. All content on is displayed by popularity, similar to how videos are displayed on YouTube, and how articles are displayed on Digg. The site is designed so the trendsetting community, not hired editors, decide what’s hot and what’s not.

Metrofunk Co-founder and CEO Han Kao states, “We’ve worked very hard to give trendsetters like ourselves, big and small, near and far, the opportunity to build their own viral social network of followers, while giving every trendsetter an equal chance to expose and monetize their events and products on the open market. I strongly encourage all trendsetters and influencers within in the nightlife, fashion, film, and music industries to take advantage of the Metrofunk system and apply for a specialized trendsetter account.”

By taking advantage of the latest technologies, Metrofunk is able to offer significantly more services to our users. For example, Metrofunk offers unlimited uploads, as we are taking advantage of Amazon’s web services, specifically EC2 and S3.

While’s flagship location is New York City, the origin of some of the biggest trendsetters in the world, the site will be expanding to the rest of the major metropolitan cities in the U.S. and around the world. Also watch out for the official red carpet launch party to be announced soon.

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Valerie G, editor at CANW
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