MIAMI, Fla. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — offers sound and experienced, professional advice when it comes to mental health healing and mental health issues, such as mental wellness, mental illnesses, and mental disorders. Silvia Trana-Felipes, LMHC asks that anyone and everyone interested in mental health to check out her new website and offer feedback.

Silvia Trana-Felipes, LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) owns and operates the new website, . It serves as an online community where people in need of mental health advice can go to find answers, to begin the mental health healing process. Her website says that the first step to healing is understanding the cause of mental illnesses and/or mental disorders. “Knowing so you can seek help is the key,” says Trana-Felipes. is a recently created website intended to serve as the online resource for anyone in need of sound mental health advice; thus, it is about mental health healing, as the domain name implies. Founded by Silvia Trana-Felipes, LMHC, her website sets out to clarify the many mental illnesses and mental disorders, from bipolar and depression to gender disorders and psychotic anxiety.

Since she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she is a reputable and wise authority to offer mental health advice. Trana-Felipes says that “We must learn to see life with a magnifying glass, and learn from our experiences. Do not see them as mistakes, because then we will never learn from them.”

As a strong believer in self faith and self will, Trana-Felipes also wants everyone who hears her advice to do the best they can to better themselves, because where there is a will, there is a way. “We must learn to stop being so rigid with ourselves and with life itself. We must have fun, laugh more, enjoy ourselves more, love ourselves more, be kind with ourselves more, find productive things that would help us feel that we have achieved certain level of success.”

Trana-Felipes owns and operates Silvia Trana Felipes & Associates, Inc, a private company located in Miami, Florida.

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330 SW 27 Avenue, Suite #403, Miami, FL 33125
Office: 305-631-6840 / Cell: 305-742-6139 .

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