LOGAN, W.Va. — Black Lawyers For Justice President, Malik Shabazz, Esq., today announced they will organize and advocate for Federal Hate Crime Charges to be brought against the 6 Defendants in the Megan Williams Kidnap And Torture Case, on behalf of the family. On September 12, 2007 six white residents of Logan County were arrested and charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding, and battery against Megan Williams, who is Black and Mentally Challenged.

It is also reported that the defendants allegedly repeatedly used racial slurs while forcing Megan to eat human feces, rat feces, and drink urine while trapped at the Logan County, West Virginia residence.

— Urgent News Conference To Be Held —

When: Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Location: Logan County Courthouse. Located at 300 Stratton Street
Logan, West Virginia
Time: 3:00 p.m. EST After Preliminary Hearing for Defendants
In Rape/ Kidnapping/ Torture case

Subject Matter: Bringing Federal Hate Crime Charges Against The
6 Defendants in the Megan Williams Case

Who will speak: Carmen Williams (The Parents of Megan
Williams (The Williams Family) and
Malik Shabazz, Esq. (Legal Advocate for the
Williams’ Family)

Contact: Black Lawyers For Justice/ Attorney Malik Shabazz
(202) 408-7021

Attorney Shabazz stated, “After reviewing the facts of this hideous case, I am shocked that Federal Hate Crime Charges have not also been brought against these 6 Defendants. The overt evidence gathered in this case thus far, clearly indicates that this was in fact a hate crime. The six white defendants according to the evidence gathered, used racial epithets such as ‘nigger’ repeatedly while carrying out acts such as stabbing, beating and sexually assaulting the victim.

The most compelling was the act of putting a noose around her neck and repeatedly raping her for seven days. The U.S. Justice Department must at once reverse the course and fulfill its duty to prosecute these hate crimes, many of which are increasing all over the nation.”

Attorney Shabazz has said, “We will be seeking the assistance of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in the Megan Williams matter. The Justice Department must intervene on the Megan Williams Case if Black People are to have any protection under Federal Hate Crime Statutes. Our people are under attack all over the nation and we must fight on all fronts to resist this new resurgence of racism, which is rearing its ugly head throughout the nation.”

Megan Williams was lured into a Trailer House of Hate, a Black West Virginia Woman was raped, choked, stabbed and forced to eat dog and rat feces, as her six white tormentors berated her with the N-word. Prosecutors said, “Every time they stabbed her, they called her ‘nigger.'”

Carmen Williams, the mother, told The Charleston Gazette, “She wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, ‘Mommy!’ What’s really, really bad is, we don’t know everything, they did to her. She is crying all the time.”

Arrested are: Frankie Brewster, 49, and her son Bobby Brewster, 24., Karen Burton, 46; her daughter Alisha, 23; Danny Combs, 20, and George Messer, 27 in this abomination.

The suspects allegedly took turns beating, stabbing, choking, and sexually abusing Williams, while consistently threatening her with death, according to a criminal complaint. A rope was placed around Williams’ neck, her hair was ripped out, and she was made to eat dog and rat feces, drink from a toilet and lick up blood, the complaint charges. At one point, she was sexually assaulted while scalding water and melting hot wax from a candle was poured on her body. She was stabbed in the leg at least four times and both of her ankles were cut by a female suspect who allegedly taunted her saying, “This one is for Kaunte Kente, and that’s what we do to niggers around here.”

Black Lawyers For Justice will be taking the Williams’ Family to Washington D.C. to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus on these important matters. Furthermore, Attorney Shabazz is organizing several fundraisers to help defray the medical expenses and other needs for the victims, Megan Williams and her family.

“Justice for Megan Williams and an end to hate crimes, is a must!” concluded Malik Shabazz.

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