CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Charlie Allen, founder and president of Cambridge-based Charlie Allen Restorations, and Mark Philben, the firm’s project development manager, have recently been named Aging-in-Place specialists by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). In addition, Philben has completed the green remodeler certification course offered by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). “Aging-in-place and green renovation are two areas of great importance for the remodeling industry,” says Allen. “Although these two certifications are still somewhat rare, we feel that they will become increasingly important as demand for these services rise. We’re pleased that we are now able to provide expert guidance to homeowners on both of these issues.”

NARI’s Green Remodeling course emphasizes renovation approaches that provide a range of homeowner benefits – financial, environmental, health, and more. Among them are energy conservation techniques, strategies for improving air quality, reducing material waste and conserving resources during the construction process, and using environmentally safe products.

The Aging-in-Place program offered by the NAHB is designed to address the needs of America’s large-and aging-baby boomer population. Participants in the program learn how to consider a homeowner’s future needs when designing a renovation project, whether that means small adjustments like adding a seat and grab bars to the shower and adjusting countertop heights, or larger-scale changes like adding a master suite to the ground floor. In every case, these improvements are done in an aesthetically pleasing manner, avoiding an institutional feeling.

“Today, smart homeowners want a renovation that will work for them for years to come,” says Philben. “And more and more, they are recognizing the long-term benefits of thinking ‘green,’ both individually and for the world at large. Considering these two concepts adds great value to any renovation project.”

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