TEMECULA, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Written Inc. today released Salesperson Insight, a new type of sales personality report that teaches salespeople how their traits are impacting their sales, what they’re communicating to their prospect through their body language and what they can do specifically to change and improve. “Salespeople want to know if they have personality traits that are holding them back, preventing them from building rapport or costing them sales,” explains Written Inc.’s vice president Ryan Vener. “Until now, there hasn’t been a way for a salesperson to know exactly what they need to work on or change.”

Written Inc. spent 10 years developing a proprietary technique, known as Written Body Language Analysis(TM), which taps into the salesperson’s subconscious mind to reveal their true personality traits. This method helps salespeople become aware of traits they didn’t know they possessed.

Salesperson Insight reveals the desirable and undesirable aspects of the salesperson’s personality. The report is divided into 6 sections:
* Personality traits identified
* Emotional perspective and attitudes
* How to identify the trait in themselves and others
* How the prospect sees the salesperson
* The impact the trait has on selling
* Suggestions for changing and improving

In addition, each Salesperson Insight report comes with two instructional guides: “The Salesperson’s Guide to Body Language” and “Changing Your Thinking Workbook.”

Other personality assessments currently on the market ask the salesperson to answer questions about themselves. This approach only reports the perception they have of themselves, which is often very different from reality. Plus questionnaire based assessments only reveal broad personality types such as “dominant extrovert” which has limited benefits to the salesperson.

Mr. Vener added, “Once they become aware of the personality factors directly impacting sales and what they’re communicating through their body language, the salesperson is shown exactly what they need to work on and improve.”

Salesperson Insight helps salespeople and sales managers of all experience levels and industries. Sales trainers can also use the sales personality report with their clients to increase effectiveness of training and improve results.

To learn more about Salesperson Insight, visit or call +1-888-670-6702.

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