VENICE — As college campuses, in response to student demands, search for green products, undergrads are digging a different kind of eco-friendly alternative this semester. Bicycles built for four? Biodegradable textbooks? Try Java Juice(R), a coffee extract that students say they’re enjoying, and not just because it’s as green as it gets: Fairly Traded with no chemicals, additives or preservatives, just pure coffee essence made from 100% certified organic beans. Students and faculty alike find Java Juice a most convenient bean, too – it’s machineless, requiring no special brewers or filters; just add water, hot or cold. For students always on-the-go, Java Juice’s fresh extract comes in 1.5 oz portable packets, in four organic flavors.

Students demanding Fairly Traded buying practices appreciate that Java Juice(R) has a PSI rating of 200 lbs. and won’t break in backpacks. Portable packets were originally created for all-terrain use by creator and CEO Richard Karno. “We experimented with a variety of organic beans and packaging,” said Karno, a coffee roaster from Venice, California. “Now we have the recipe perfected with a two year shelf-life.”

Java JuiceA perfected quality is one thing but students on strict budgets also appreciate Java Juice’s price. As SMC student W. Thomas Robinson said: “A big coffee hit drink costs four bucks at the corp. coffee chains, but now in my dorm room I’m holding the equivalent of two shots of espresso. With milk I’ve got an organic double latte for under two bucks.”

His classmates keep packets of Java Juice around to pour for an up-all-night cup to cram, or to use after hours as the party winds down. (Java Juice was part of the “Survival Kit” given to attendees at SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, in need of a “hangover helper.”)

Fans of Java Juice(R) immediately recognize the products’ quality and dedication to sustainability and find themselves “squeezing the bean” while enjoying the coffeehouse quality of the product. It gives a nice jolt of caffeine too. Java Juice(R) contains 100 mg. of caffeine per packet or the equivalent of two shots of fresh espresso.

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