FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Despite the seemingly never ending reports of record breaking gas prices, demand for RV rentals has never been higher. With the kids out of school for summer and air travel costing two to three times more than a year ago, many families are scrambling for cost effective vacation alternatives. Renting a motor home from Allstar Coaches can be a great way to solve this travel dilemma and drive away those summertime blues.

With literally thousands of inexpensive RV friendly campgrounds, state and national parks across the United States, RV renters have more choices than ever before and need not travel far from home to find their own little pieces of paradise. Many travelers who are renting these luxury vehicles opt to go regionally and as a result are saving even more money.

Rob Tischler, President of Allstar Coaches explains, “RVing has become very popular over the past few years despite the higher fuel costs. Many new RVers are discovering the lifestyle and realizing that renting an RV can be an extremely cost effective and pleasurable way to travel. Basically, it’s the more bang-for-the-buck theory taking over. When you rent a motor home you get your transportation, lodging, restaurant and entertainment all wrapped up in one package. Think of it as an all-inclusive road trip which can grow even more economical for larger families. It’s a fantastic alternative to flying and you won’t have to pay extra to take your luggage with you or to reserve a window seat.”

To save consumers even more money, a few RV rental companies are offering special savings to their customers. Allstar Coaches popular GAS-N-WHEELS promotion ( gives RV renters a $300-$500 fuel rebate credit for new summer rentals and has been extended through July 31.

With RV rental locations in Florida, California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and opening shortly in Las Vegas and Phoenix, Allstar Coaches services the entire USA and has the ability to deliver a luxury RV rental to virtually any doorstep in America.

For detailed information on the GAS-N-WHEELS promotion or for help planning an RV adventure, contact Allstar Coaches today at 866-838-4465 or

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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