New Imaging Software Tool Kit Delivers High-Res JPEG2000 Image Stores over the Internet – Without Plug-Ins

SAN JOSE, Calif. — LuraTech, Inc., a leading provider of open, ISO-compliant JPEG2000 and PDF/A technology, announces their LuraWave JP2 Image Content Server (ICS), v1.04. LuraWave JP2 ICS is a new imaging software tool kit that enables the delivery of JPEG2000 images, document collections and their respective metadata through powerful, browser-based viewing applications without any plug-ins, Active X components or additional viewing software.

“ICS is for any organization that wants to store and deliver high-resolution, digitized image content and its metadata over the web,” states Mark McKinney, vice president of LuraTech, Inc. “By giving the ability to design a rich end-user viewing experience, ICS is invaluable for any organization that posts online digital versions of books, artwork, manuscripts, maps, geospatial photographs, or medical content and offers an incredibly low-storage, low-bandwidth solution for the delivery high-end digital images.”

ICS’ robust engine converts JPEG2000 images to JPEG and delivers them “on-the-fly” to the end user’s browser-based viewing application. The flexible software tool kit allows the creation of customized viewing applications with advanced image-viewing features, such as panning, zooming and page turning, and eliminates downloading delays and the need for any additional viewing software.

Not only is the speed of conversion a key benefit, ICS also allows administrators to predict end-user viewing patterns and pre-cache images into the viewing application.

This powerful combination of speed and intelligent pre-caching greatly enhances the end-user viewing experience by instantaneously rendering images. Taking full advantage of the multi-layer compression capability of JPEG2000, ICS takes only the resolution layers needed to render a specific image request. In other words, it automatically determines the image size-from thumbnail size to high-resolution-being requested by the end-user viewing client and converts only that portion of the JPEG2000 file to JPEG.

By requiring only one source JPEG2000 image, ICS eliminates the need to create multiple derivative files and dramatically reduces an organization’s overall administration costs. Moreover, the ICS tool kit can be installed on the industry’s standard web services and platforms. And with easy to integrate Java scripts and well documented API’s, administrators can quickly create and deploy fully customized, web-based image viewing applications, thus greatly reducing development costs and delivery time.

ICS is the result of two years of development and six months of beta-testing at several large, well-known organizations such as the Library and Archives of Canada and the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

About LuraTech
LuraTech is a leading provider of open, ISO-compliant JPEG2000 and PDF/A technology. LuraTech makes image and document compression, archiving and delivery a reality for public and private sector organizations by delivering easy-to-implement, open-standard imaging products, coupled with enterprise-class service and support.

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