KIRKLAND, Wash. — Currently, when visitors enter “long term care insurance” into Google Video – Google’s new video search engine – three of the top ten “hits” feature information from a single source: LTC Financial Partners (LTCFP), the nation’s most experienced long term care insurance brokerage. “We’re finding that many people get the facts quicker and better when then can see an expert speaking,” says Cameron Truesdell, LTCFP’s CEO. “So we’re going to be making a lot more videos.”

LTCFP has created only three videos so far, “and they’ve all made the top ten,” Truesdell says. In addition to their availability on Google Video, they may be viewed at, where visitors may also request insurance quotes from multiple carriers vetted by Truesdell’s organization.

– The first video, “Long Term Care Insurance — Protection So You Don’t Outlive Your Money,” addresses the concerns of individuals seeking insurance for themselves or a loved one.

– The second video, “Long Term Care Insurance for Business,” provides information for human resource managers and owners of small businesses. It deals with the financial benefits to the company when employees’ families are covered and employees “don’t have to act as part-time caregivers,” as Truesdell puts it.

– The third video, “Long Term Care Insurance Should Be as Common as Auto Insurance,” documents a press conference featuring Truesdell and other industry leaders. It deals with the importance of promoting private protection to avert a crisis, as aging Americans increasingly need care. “LTC insurance really needs to be as common as auto insurance,” says Truesdell. “Otherwise, state and federal budgets, as well as corporate productivity, will be in jeopardy.”

The business-related video is currently the number 2 “hit” on YouTube. “Since this one focuses on organizational benefits, we take this as a sign of growing concern in the business sector,” Truesdell says.

“As Americans live longer, with greater risk of health-related downtime, everyone — from consumers to business leaders to people in government — must get the word about long term care insurance. And video is a quick and painless way to get it.”

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NEWS SOURCE: LTC Financial Partners

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