ANAHEIM, Calif. — Lockdown Co. is excited to announce that, after undergoing extensive testing, their Steelcore Spa Security Safety Straps won the iParenting Media Award for the 2008 Excellent Products Call. is a Disney Internet Group media property, and a premier media site focused on parents. The company operates iParenting Media Awards, a premier product evaluation and testing service that is designed to provide a credible and an objective method of determining the best products in the marketplace – in this case, home safety. The winner is then honored with the most prestigious consumer award.

There were thousands of product entries and all were subject to the only internationally-certified product evaluation system in the parenting and awards’ industry.

iParenting media awardThe iParenting Media Awards’ program is ISO 9001: 2000 certified. This means that they have adopted the highest standards of quality and are audited by an objective third party – Underwriters Laboratories Inc. – to meet these requirements.

The review panel consisted of a licensed childcare facility/school, an expert, and a parent.

One of the reviewers explains, “This product is sturdy and well designed. We were able to put it to use in just minutes after getting it out of the packaging. The concept is ideal; I don’t want to worry about my kids playing near the spa.”

Another reviewer was pleased by the product’s convenience and says, There easer to use than the old plastic locks.

In almost all areas, spa covers are required to be locked or secured by a designated pool fence where a gate has to be erected. Spas are sold with plastic spa cover locks to meet those requirements.

“This award came at a perfect time because now many city and county building departments as well as insurance companies have concluded that the stock plastic locks and accompanying miniature plastic keys that come with spas is not enough protection,” Sam Kennedy, owner, Lockdown Co. says. “This award reveals to people that a credible, off-the-shelf solution is available. They are easily installed and come with a renewed sense of security and safety.”

Currently, Steelcore Spa Security Safety Straps are the only acceptable spa locks for most day care centers and foster care homes.

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