CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When a loved one is missing and seconds count, Life-Prints(R) provides some sanity. Life-Prints stores and protects life-saving information inside a portable 1GB Flash Drive. Using NSA top-secret rated encryption, Life-Prints was developed in partnership with D.A.R.E., to provide law enforcement agencies with information essential for the swift recovery of a missing child, elderly adult or disabled individual. Life-Prints will also organize and protect medical records for instant access when traveling or on vacation.

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We buckle our kids’ seatbelts and make sure they wear helmets when riding their bicycles. Life-Prints is a common sense solution to further protect our children,” said Life-Prints CEO Charles A. Bowman.

“Seconds really do count when a loved one is missing. Life-Prints provides police with cell phone numbers, photos and more, delivered in their own EFT file format. Life-Prints is the only solution available to consumers that transmits this vital information in the native EFT format used by law enforcement agencies nationwide.”


* Easy to use and update
* 1GB Flash Drive included
* AES-256 NSA “top secret” rated encryption
* EFT file format for compatible law enforcement access
* Automatic reminders to update photos and other information
* Organizes, stores and protects medical records
* Printable forms and flyers
* Ideal when traveling to retrieve important medical records.

About Life-Prints LLC

Founded in 2004 in partnership with D.A.R.E.; through the development and marketing of innovative child safety solutions, Life Prints fulfills the demand for high speed dissemination of emergency information to assist authorities in finding missing children, elderly adults or disabled individuals.

Life Prints Software has recently evolved to include family / medical and document storage capabilities, presenting a complete information record for families. The Life-Prints mission is to ensure that every family has the tools essential to make every moment count, whether it is with the safety of your family, or with the access of your important information.

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