SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The State Senate Committee on Environmental Quality yesterday passed the Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act, AB 1319, by Assemblymember Betsy Butler (D-Marina del Rey), which seeks to ban the toxic chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) in baby products.

“With this vote, we are one step closer to protecting the health of all babies in California. The science on BPA is cause for alarm and it is time to protect our most vulnerable citizens from this toxic chemical,” said Assemblymember Butler. “Every child from every community in our state deserves access to safe products. This is a fight worth having because big chemical money should not be allowed to endanger the health of babies in California.”

Specifically, the bill would prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of baby bottles and sippy cups designed for children three years of age and younger that contain more than 0.1 parts per billion (ppb) of BPA.

BPA is an artificial hormone and endocrine disruptor widely used in shatter-proof plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and the lining of formula cans. BPA leaches out of containers and into food. It has been linked to a host of health problems, including early puberty, breast and prostate cancer, infertility, obesity and neurological and behavioral changes, including autism and hyperactivity.

Assemblymember Butler continued, “BPA is a known health risk for children, and it is imperative that we get rid of anything that puts our youngsters in danger.”

The American Medical Association recently announced support for a ban on BPA-containing baby bottles and infant feeding cups and called on the industry to take action to stop producing them. They join a growing list of medical organizations supporting a ban that includes the American Academy of Pediatrics of California, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, The California Medical Association and the California Nurses Association.

Dr. Shannon Udovic, Advocacy Co-Chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics of California, said, “The Academy representing over 5,000 board-certified pediatrician members of the four regional AAP Chapters statewide, is pleased to support Assemblymember Butler’s legislation, AB 1319.”

If AB 1319 is signed into law, California will join Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, Wisconsin and Washington state and several other cities and counties in the United States that have enacted bans on BPA in baby bottles and other feeding products for children. BPA has been banned in Canada, China and the European Union.

In addition, several key federal agencies and scientific bodies have stated official concern about the safety of BPA including the National Institutes of Health (National Toxicology Program), The Food and Drug Administration, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the President’s Cancer Panel.

Assemblymember Butler’s Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act, AB 1319, is co-authored by Senators Ellen Corbett, Kevin De León, Mark Leno, Carol Liu and Fran Pavley and Assemblymembers Tom Ammiano, Bob Blumenfield, Steven Bradford, Julia Brownley, Nora Campos, Mike Davis, Roger Dickinson, Mike Eng, Paul Fong, Mike Gatto, Jared Huffman, Ricardo Lara, Bonnie Lowenthal, Fiona Ma, Nancy Skinner and Das Williams.

AB 1319 is now headed to the Senate Floor for consideration.