SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Leaders in the legal field expressed strong support for Governor Brown’s nomination of Goodwin Liu, Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley Law School, to the state Supreme Court today.

“Goodwin Liu is a brilliant scholar and dedicated teacher. He is admired for his measured, balanced and rational judgment, and for his outstanding reputation as a fine colleague at the Berkeley School of Law. He brings his considerable intellectual depth in the law to a wonderful, predecedent-setting court, along with an unabiding conviction for equal justice for all. Governor Brown is to be commended for this visionary and truly meritorious appointment.” – Carlos Moreno, Former Associate Justice for California Supreme Court

“Professor Liu is a brilliant scholar with extraordinary intellect. His academic credentials are of the highest caliber, including a B.S. from Stanford University, a MA from Oxford University and a JD from Yale Law School. He is a recognized expert in many areas, including Constitutional Law. His personal integrity and intellectual honesty, coupled with his knowledge and experience, is the grounding upon which Professor Liu advocates for the protection of the actual words of the Constitution while striving to preserve its modern-day meaning. Professor Liu has not just limited his life experiences to academia; rather, he has lived and continues to live a life to which many in our society today can relate. He cares deeply about preserving the protections the Constitution affords all of us and ensuring a strong, safe society for his family and for all of California.” – Nancy O’Malley, Alameda District Attorney

“Goodwin Liu is not only a brilliant legal scholar, but a person of great integrity, fairness, and dedication to public service. He is an inspired choice for the California Supreme Court, which will be enriched by his presence.” – Debra L. Zumwalt, Vice President and General Counsel, Stanford University

“I cannot imagine a better candidate for the position. I think it is a brilliant appointment that will have a significant positive impact on California jurisprudence for decades to come. Governor Brown is to be congratulated on this excellent selection.” – Holly Fujie, Former Bar President for the State Bar of California

“I am speechless but not wordless. To appoint someone with the intellect, compassion and integrity of a Goodwin Liu to the greatest Supreme Court in this country is a reflection of Governor Brown’s commitment to justice. This is a remarkable choice.” – Dale Minami, Minami Tamaki LLP