CHICAGO, Ill. — SoCAFE, The Society of Certified Adjunct Faculty Educators, has announced the launch of its web-based certification program for adjunct instructors in higher education in response to the national trend of this group teaching almost half of all college and university courses. In support of the increasingly important role adjunct faculty play in higher education, SoCAFE’s certification process provides a demanding and well-researched standard for adjunct faculty performance. C.A.F.E. certification will provide higher education administrators with a respected benchmark for hiring well-qualified adjunct educators and allows members to differentiate themselves from less qualified peers.

The Certified Adjunct Faculty Educator (C.A.F.E.) certification is based on 10 Core Competencies(TM) that comprise the body of knowledge required by adjunct faculty to function effectively as instructors in higher education settings – regardless of discipline, student level or classroom setting. C.A.F.E. certification requires post-secondary educators to take 10 online examinations related to each of the society’s core competencies. These core competencies were developed through hundreds of class observations, faculty and administration interviews, and a comprehensive literature research in the field of higher education teaching.

Society of Certified Adjunct Faculty EducatorsOnce earned, the C.A.F.E. designation provides adjunct faculty with a portable credential that demonstrates proven expertise in the essential competencies of adjunct educators. Additionally, C.A.F.E. certification will keep adjunct faculty current in effective classroom practices and adult learning theory. SoCAFE’s web-based certification platform allows members to easily earn and maintain their credentials.

The national organization, whose mission it is to “advance the professional practice of adjunct faculty through certification, education, and collaboration to enhance post-secondary student learning,” is the first organization in the United States to provide credentialing for adjunct faculty in American colleges and universities. The organization’s co-founders, Dr. Rochelle Santopoalo and Dr. Dennis White, have 60 combined years of higher education and adjunct faculty experience.

Following payment of an affordable fee, qualified adjunct faculty will receive a one-year SoCAFE membership, candidate handbook and reference materials, and access to 10 online certification examinations.

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