Kindle EditionsLOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — For the first half of 2012, Publishers Newswire (PNW), an online resource established in 2004 for small publishers, as well as lesser known and first-time book authors, has today announced its latest semi-annual "Books to Bookmark" list. This is a round-up of 13 new and recent books which may have been missed due to not originating from major New York book publishing houses, or "big name" authors.

"Although some predicted reading books would take a fast decline due to social media and Internet overload, the opposite has actually taken place thanks to mobile devices like the Apple iPad, iPhone, the growth of Android and Amazon's Kindle, among others," said PNW editor Christopher Simmons. "Strong sales of mobile devices – not just e-book readers – have proven to be the blessing for the beginning of a new explosion in e-publishing. And this has also helped traditional printed books, even though there are fewer places to buy books in person than a decade ago." Simmons has been a working journalist for over 25 years, and has written widely on the topic of publishing, marketing, and e-books.

The following list of 13 books (in alphabetical order) are provided as "worth a look" for media and booksellers, as well as avid readers of new and unique literary content. To learn more about these and other books (and e-books) in detail, visit:


"Any Ol' Jack" (Kindle Edition e-book; 267 pages; Amazon Digital Services), by Jack Dexter, promises to inspire people who are confused about their sexuality. Dexter describes this engaging read as a "self-help book that will break people out of the closet." In addition to getting inside the mind of someone who has experienced this life first hand, readers will also learn what it's like to break out of this mindset and to test their limitations, take risks and act on their desires. It provides the stepping stones needed to begin living life outside the closet with confidence.

"Life is too short to not live it truthfully," Dexter says. "In this book, I tell people what it's like to live in the closet. While the book is technically a work of fiction, it is loosely based on many of my personal experiences." Jack Dexter has worked as a personal driver for some of the wealthiest people in the nation. And, it was while waiting for his clients that he started to write this book. He has a B.S. in marketing and lives on the Jersey Shore.


"Capitol Hell" (ISBN: 978-1592985364; paperback, 328 pages; Beaver's Pond Press), by Jayne Jones and Alicia Long, is a saucy novel about the crazy co-workers, high maintenance politicians, and over-the-top entourages that can only be found inside the beltway. Jayne and Alicia met while working on the Coleman for Senate campaign and became fast friends after working for Senator Coleman in both his Saint Paul, MN and Washington, D.C. offices. They survived their time on the Hill by sharing the insanity of their D.C. experiences with other Capitol Hill staffers, who shared similar stories, and have now woven those "real-life" misadventures into the story of Allison Amundson and Janet Johannson.

This off-beat and hilarious novel lets readers see behind the political person and into the life of fictional Senator Anders McDermott III, a rising star in the U.S. Senate from Minnesota who has his eye on the White House. "Our time on the Hill coupled with countless other hilarious stories from congressional offices and staffers gave us an endless supply of crazy to write about," said Jayne. "You find yourself and your friends in the midst of one unbelievable situation after another, a truly unreal reality."

"We know people are going to need a few laughs to make it through this Presidential election," adds Alicia, "what better cure for the vitriolic mudslinging of campaign season than to escape into our uproarious little novel about what is likely happening behind closed doors."

Alicia Long, a South Dakota native and graduate of the University of St. Thomas School of Law, also worked for United States Senator John Thune (SD) as well as former United States Senator George Allen (VA). Jayne Jones, a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law, left Capitol Hill to work for the Minnesota House of Representatives, where she was the Executive Assistant to the Speaker of the House. Kindle Edition available.


Graphology, long derided as a parlor game in North America, is widely used clinically in Israel and Europe, according to Annette Poizner, Ed.D., a Registered Social Worker practicing in Toronto. Poizner, a certified graphologist, published doctoral research which explored graphology use within psychotherapy. That study, performed at the University of Toronto, is summarized in her textbook, "Clinical Graphology: An Interpretive Manual for Mental Health Practitioners" (ISBN: 978-0398087265; hardcover, 187 pages; Charles C Thomas Publisher).

Determined to educate therapists and counselors about the way graphology can inform clinical practice, Poizner has presented academically, lecturing at universities and presenting at conferences such as that of the Canadian Psychological Association. She has also published in academic journals and, with a blog on the Huffington Post, routinely writes in the popular press.

Now, her new book, "Clinical Graphology" is the first of its kind to target a clinical audience, bearing the stamp of Charles C Thomas Publisher, a scholarly publishing house that produces materials for mainstream mental health professionals. Poizner reflects, "Each individual is fundamentally expressive, having a preferred way of moving, a preferred rhythm and style. Those preferences are expressed through gesture, mannerisms, and facial expressions … also in handwriting." Since handwriting leaves a written trace which can be reviewed at leisure, Poizner asserts that handwriting can be usefully analyzed.

Annette Poizner is a Columbia-trained clinical social worker who routinely uses graphology and other forms of projective personality assessment in her clinical practice of 20 years. Her doctoral dissertation, completed at the University of Toronto, explored the use of graphology within psychotherapy. She has been designated one of three Master Graphologists by the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation and is a founding member of the Milton H Erickson Institute of Toronto. She specializes in assessment, Ericksonian psychotherapy and hypnosis.


In "Education Behind Bars" (ISBN: 978-1934597774; paperback, 382 pages; Sunbury Press) author Christopher Zoukis makes the case for why all Americans should support education in our prison system. Most Americans do not realize that the United States could save upwards of $60 billion each year by simply educating prisoners. According to the Journal of Correctional Education, the U.S. incarcerates over 2.3 million persons, a number equal to 5 percent of the country's population. The U.S. accounts for 25 percent of the entire incarcerated population worldwide. Each of these millions of prisoners costs the American taxpayer between $32,000 to $40,000 each year in food and housing. Zoukis asks: "Why should the American taxpayer care about people who are incarcerated in our prison system? Simple, it is a true cost-saving measure that should be discussed."


"Our Whole Life Is Our Whole Responsibility" (ISBN: 978-0578094489; paperback, 228 pages; Life Energy Publishing), by Michael G. Kamau, emphasizes to its readers that they need to make a strong commitment to examine and cultivate good character, responsible ethics and high integrity in order to make productive contributions to their lives.

According to the author, "This book teaches us that we must undergo a fundamental, paradigm shift in our thinking about our personal, family and human survival – we must be willing to accept full responsibility for every area of our lives and stop the blame." Kamau has a BA in Journalism and Business Management from Central State University is a former tutor, life coach, mentor, college Instructor of Humanities, public speaker, seminar leader, guest columnist and current business owner in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.


"Restaurants Recommended" (ISBN: 978-1466283176; paperback, 175 pages; CreateSpace), by Deborah Gonderil, is a guide to more than 600 restaurants in 40-plus cities around the U.S. Gonderil, a market research executive and frequent traveler, could not find a restaurant ratings guide that not only incorporated multiple cities, but one that provided unprejudiced and genuine opinions of professional reviewers. As a result, she set out to compile a series of sources of reviews from professional food critics. Cities include: New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and more. Reviews are based on the 2011 positive recommendations of local, national and international food and travel critics.

"The cities were chosen based on size and popularity as business or leisure destinations," says Gonderil. "And, readers can trust these reviews to be more reliable than the run-of-the-mill blogs because they are written by industry experts. Their opinions are unsolicited and based on repeated, anonymous visits." Kindle Edition also available.


In his new book, "Salvation is from the Jews: Moses, Judaism, and the Jewishness of Christianity" (ISBN: 978-1449725464; paperback, 640 pages; West Bow Press), Christian theologian, J. Christopher, gives an explanation for the collapse of Christian values in U.S. culture since mid-twentieth century. Relying on historical evidence he has compiled, together with a prophecy from Jesus and another from Paul, theologian, J. Christopher, documents the final stages in the decline of Gentile-centered Christianity and its official ending according to the prophecy of Jesus.

As for the prophecy made by Paul, Christopher explains how this prophecy established that at the same time Gentile-centered Christianity reached its official ending, a Jewish Messianic era in Christian history began. According to Christopher," this Jewish Messianic era is currently ongoing and will end just before the second coming of Jesus the Messiah."

J. Christopher is a Christian theologian and honors seminary graduate. He is also the founder of a new system of biblical psychology and the author of a book on the subject. Currently, Christopher continues to pursue his work full-time as a theologian and theological writer. His church affiliation is with the Evangelical Covenant Church. The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle Edition.


"Sir Licksalot & The Island Fools" (ISBN: 978-1462680924; paperback, 120 pages; PublishAmerica), by D.L. Carroll, is a children's chapter book for Ages 7-12. Carroll intertwines adventure and friendship while adding elements of mystery, magic and education. Using dialogue children can relate to, the author captures even the most reluctant reader's attention. Illustrator Teri Cuneo brings the story to life with illuminating illustrations. This is the second book in the Sir Licksalot series. Submitted to Family Review Center for a review, it resulted in inclusion to their awards program, and received their prestigious 2012 Gold Award.

Plot: Blaze N. Haught and his friends conspire to return to Mavericks during summer vacation. After careful planning and keeping their secret safe from the adults, plans suddenly go awry starting with an uninvited guest who changes everything. With the help of Sir Licksalot's natural canine curiosity, the kids uncover the presence of three powerful Goddesses. Myths are revealed, friendships are tested, and mana is discovered in this hair-raising magical adventure. Both books in the award-winning "Sir Licksalot" series are available in paperback and Kindle Edition e-book formats.

Carroll's creativity began to emerge while writing poems. After high school graduation, she continued to write in the form of metaphorical editorials. Carroll entered into the high tech industry and took business writing courses at San Jose State to enhance her professional skills. Writing letters of recommendation, executive correspondence and presentations became her daily tasks for over a decade. While taking a sabbatical in late 2006, she accepted a contest challenge to write a novel in 30 days. In 2008 Children's Chapter Book, "Sir Licksalot & The Maverick Fools," was published.


"Teaching English Abroad: A Financial Prayer Answered" (ISBN: 987-1937860202; audio book and e-book editions; Goodwin Publishing, LLC), by Jonathan Goodwin, is written for anyone who wants to explore the world while making money. It's ideal for people who are about to graduate; are recent graduates; or for those seeking a career change. All that is needed is a B.A. or B.S. degree. "It's unfortunate, but the current job market in the U.S. and Europe is grim. As a result, many graduates are finding that they have to move in with their parents or take jobs out of their field that pay less – what many consider 'underemployed,'" explains Goodwin.

"Teaching abroad is the ideal alternative – people save money while exploring the world. It's an ideal situation." Readers will learn how to find and apply for the trustworthy private and public schools that are currently hiring English teachers in South Korea. Foolproof tips likely lead to hiring. And, readers who decide to pursue this career opportunity will get the experience of teaching; have free time to enjoy the country and live a stress-free and adventurous life; and have freedom to explore and live on their own. Basically, teachers who work in South Korea are getting paid to travel the world and to see some of the most exotic locations out there while still making enough money to pay off debt and live comfortably.

Jonathan A. Goodwin is a graduate of San Diego University. He taught in South Korea for three years. He earned the title and position of faculty manager, a title that is synonymous with "Headmaster." He was in charge of all operations at a top-ranked private academy in South Korea; he knows what it takes to get hired and how to make it as a teacher in South Korea.


"The Easter Bunny That Grew Up" (ISBN: 978-1468554960; paperback, 24 pages, 8.5×8.5; AuthorHouse), by Gretta Parker, is a children's book that pays tribute to a little rabbit that captured the hearts of people around the world on Facebook and the contributions he made to rabbits in rescues and shelters. The book teaches about researching an animal's care needs before buying, supporting rabbit rescues, and that sometimes the greatest treasures are the ones other people discard. Gretta Parker started a journey she was not planning on when she adopted a little white rabbit for $7.50 from a local shelter in 2010. On a whim she made him a Facebook page where she could talk about adopting rabbits and rabbit care.

By 2011, Flopsy Parker had become a household name for his humor, his message of adoption and his honesty about how much care rabbits need. He was even "quoted" by the Wall Street Journal when he was "outraged" over the Royal Shakespeare Company using real dead rabbits in their stage productions. Gretta taught herself how to make designs with his images and started a store on CafePress using Flopsy's image and her designs that sent the message that shelter bunnies are the best kind. She donated the proceeds to a different rabbit rescue each month. In the summer of 2011, Gretta pooled all her savings to start Baskets for Bunnies, Inc. a 501(c) non-profit that sends supplies to rabbit rescues on a monthly basis. Flopsy was of course the "spokesbunny."

On the evening of December 28th Flopsy Parker passed away suddenly from a congenital kidney defect. His Facebook page got so many posts that it shut his timeline down in less than 24 hours. To cope with her grief, Parker wrote the book called "The Easter Bunny That Grew Up" as a tribute to his short but big life. Parker plans to use the proceeds from the book to continue the work of her non-profit Baskets for Bunnies, Inc. and to build a sanctuary in Flopsy's name.


"The Gospel of Ashes" (ISBN: 978-0-9825892-2-9; paperback, 394 pages; Writers Glen Publications), is a new global political thriller by author Lloyd R. Prentice that weaves war crimes, cult religion, and domestic terrorism into major threat to U.S.

Plot: While searching for Phan's missing daughter, Boston residents Mei Li Phan and Landry Carmichael stumble into a massive conspiracy. Their search threatens powerful forces seeking radical change. So now – they must die. The conspiracy: nuke a major American city. Phan and Carmichael framed as terrorists. Hunted by authorities; killers hard on their heels; where can they go? Who can they trust? But past is prologue. Mei Li Phan is not what she seems; Carmichael no stranger to violence. They must each relive painful history to muster the strength, courage, and cunning to survive – and more, to save the lives of millions.

Lloyd R. Prentice has a graduate degree in public affairs communication from Stanford University; studied creative writing at San Francisco State College (now San Francisco State University). Member: IPNE – Independent Publishers of New England SPANPro – Small Publishers Association WNBA – Women's National Book Association.


"The Miracle Workers Handbook: Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary" (ISBN: 978-1846949203; paperback, 252 pages; John Hunt Publishing O Books) by Sherrie Dillard, explains the seven phases of Mary's life as a blueprint for all people to experience divine intuitive communication, synchronicity, grace, miracles and ascension. According to the author, "All people have the innate ability to intuitively communicate with angels, experience synchronicity, live in grace and co-create miracles."

After recounting some of her often funny early intuitive experiences and her encounters with Mary, Sherrie discusses what she believes to be Mary's true message. Living in a strict Jewish community where woman were considered second class citizens, Mary shifted the prevailing concept of God as a judging, moralistic and male outer force to that of an inner spiritual presence. When she invoked the power of the heavens and miraculously conceived, Mary created a new paradigm. God became the divine loving spirit of grace and miracles that can be found within. The miraculous conception was not a one-time only event. Sherrie holds a B.S. in Psychology and M.Div. in New Thought pastoral counseling. Kindle edition also available.


"Uncommon Beauty: Crisis Parenting from Day One" (ISBN: 978-1592984879; paperback, 190 pages; Beaver's Pond Press), by Margaret Meder, was inspired by her real-life family story: In the summer of 2004 Margaret Meder and her family headed to the hospital excited for the cesarean birth of her second child. They, and their medical team, were shocked when Evan arrived with severe deformities that were later diagnosed as Apert Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Despite her grief and pain, Margaret began keeping notebooks about Evan's life and medical care on the day he was born. That wealth of recorded information not only gave her the tools she needed to change her son's life, but now enables her to share that knowledge with others who are in crisis in her book.

Although Margaret's family story is about a child with Apert Syndrome, and every medically fragile child's condition is unique, the guidance and tools she offers in this book can be applied to many diagnoses and crises. She knows first-hand the self-doubt families feel when they are faced with the sole responsibility of caring for someone with complicated health conditions, making life-and-death decisions for a condition they know nothing about, and working with doctors who may have never treated their child's rare disorder.

"Uncommon Beauty" is easy to read, with information that can be taken in quickly during a busy day. Each chapter addresses specific topics such as "Surviving the First Days," "Understanding Insurance" and "Caring for Siblings." These chapters include not only Margaret's story taken directly from her notebooks, but also tips, suggestions and tools for dealing with each of these important issues. Readers will also find hope and joy within these pages as this family rallies and moves from the pain of Evan's initial diagnosis, to celebrating the love and happiness he brings to all of their lives every day.

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