LOS ANGELES, Calif. and LONDON, England — Los Angeles Attorney, Frederick A. Romero, a decorated United States Marine Corp. veteran, who has been awarded the Purple Heart medal and was previously honorably discharged as a sergeant, has requested the United Nations, European Union and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to impose trade sanctions against the United States and to freeze U.S. assets abroad.

Mr. Romero states that experts on international law have advised him that foreign assets of U.S. businesses and citizens may be frozen by orders of foreign courts for corruption of the truth-seeking process by the State of Arizona.

Although an unrelated case, it is interesting to note that on March 25, 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court has stated in Medellin v. Texas that the states do not have to follow international laws and treaties. Thus, trade sanctions are appropriate.

Since the courts in the United States have traditionally frozen assets of foreign nations for human rights violations, experts do not see why foreign courts cannot freeze U.S. assets for the same type of violations.

“We intend on initiating proceedings to freeze assets of U.S. citizens and businesses abroad for the human rights violations by the U.S. against Mr. Anant K. Tripati, a Fiji citizen,” Romero says. A copy of the letter is available on request.

A legal defense fund to help Mr. Tripati has been established by his supporters and information can be obtained from tripati Additional information about this matter may be found on two separate websites: and

Mr. Romero can be contacted at 1-213-454-2233.

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