LEESPORT, Pa. — Industrial Ethernet is a rapidly growing network infrastructure, and Kazio Networks recently launched a new business to fill the market’s niche by providing Industrial Ethernet expertise. Kazio Networks’ methodology and services can help a customer within the industrial sector to reduce their cost while increasing their network productivity. According to the ARC Advisory Group, the thought leader in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain solutions for complex business issues facing organizations today, Industrial Ethernet is an increasing network infrastructure and will grow to nearly a one billion dollar market, worldwide.

Ethernet networks are common within corporate business networks, but are also becoming a popular choice within industry. It offers a way for many companies to integrate within their current business networks with speed, flexibility and openness. A trend shows that more and more industries are embracing this type of network.

While the networking concepts are similar, effectively maximizing the power of Industrial Ethernet networks requires specific expertise and education in this area.

“IT corporate/business Ethernet-based networks and Industrial Ethernet networks may seem like they are one and the same,” Melvin Foo, Principal Engineer and owner of Kazio Networks, said. “However, there are still many who apply IT-based techniques, methodologies and equipment to Industrial Ethernet infrastructures — not being aware that there are unique differences and requirements within an industrial environment.”

According to Foo, industrial companies that apply these techniques and methodologies within a manufacturing and production environment may prove costly, and at times, even fatal.

So, how can Kazio Networks help? The company has designed a program that they can tailor to fit into any stage of client’s network system project; they call it “lifecycle services.”

The Lifecycle services program provides network infrastructure design, analysis, maintenance, management, compliancy and consulting for wired/wireless- based systems. It allows the customer to have, to improve, and to tailor their network system to an industrial environment.

About Kazio Networks
Kazio Networks provides turnkey Industrial Ethernet Network Solutions. They offer full design, installation and test solutions of a network’s infrastructure, and media/cabling. Kazio Networks has extensive Applied Systems expertise implementing Industrial Ethernet network engineering solutions for client automation and manufacturing needs. Past project experience includes assisting the pharmaceutical, life sciences, food and beverage, wastewater, aerospace, automotive, metal/steel, power and energy sectors.

For more information, visit: or call: 800-465-7374.

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