SACRAMENTO, Calif. — After three years of research and development, MONEYSCHOOL Corporation ( has launched KaChing!, an innovative electronic newsletter with a unique approach to educating young adults about personal finance, money management, and consumer economics. MONEYSCHOOL expects the newsletter to be a popular graduation gift from parents and grandparents to this year’s high school and college grads.

On April 9, the Associated Press reported the results of a nationwide survey of financial literacy among high school seniors under the headline, “High School Seniors’ Financial Know-How Goes from Bad to Worse.” In that survey, released by the Federal Reserve, seniors correctly answered questions about personal finance and economics only 48.3% of the time, the worst score out of six surveys conducted over the last 12 years. Commenting on the survey results, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke remarked, “In light of the problems that have arisen in the subprime mortgage market, we are reminded of how critically important it is for individuals to become financially literate at an early age….”

KaChing e-newsletterThe reality is, most high school and college students don’t get enough financial education to prepare them for the risks and responsibilities they face when they have to start dealing with things like student loans and credit card debt, purchasing a car, and aging out of their parents’ health insurance plan-in addition to their other financial needs. Too often they get in over their heads and suffer serious financial harm. Yet few teens and twenty-somethings realize how important it is to educate themselves about those financial challenges. And if they did, they probably wouldn’t know where to start.

Now, MONEYSCHOOL is bridging that financial literacy gap with a personal finance newsletter that’s geared to the needs and interests of young adults. And KaChing! is delivered by email, so it catches the attention of subscribers when they go online.

KaChing! compiles the best available information and expert advice on a wide range of important financial topics such as financial goal setting, budgeting and saving, credit cards, student loans, taxes, banking, car-buying, insurance, and the basics of investing. Each issue of the newsletter covers one topic in a down-to-earth, user-friendly style. Reading time is 10 minutes or less per issue.

Much of what’s contained in KaChing! focuses on practical, nuts-and-bolts knowledge that has immediate benefits in the lives of readers. But MONEYSCHOOL believes motivation is just as important as information, so from the very first issue, KaChing! helps them understand how financial knowledge contributes to long-term financial success, and why it is so important to get started on the right track while you’re young.

“Financial education has never been more important for young adults,” says Joe Colgan, founder and president of MONEYSCHOOL. “Giving KaChing as a graduation gift is an excellent way for parents or other relatives to help graduates avoid money trouble and get started on the path to financial independence and security.”

KaChing! is published twice a month and delivered only by email. A one-year subscription consists of 24 issues and costs $49.95. Subscription orders can be placed on the company’s web site at More information, and a sample issue of KaChing!, are also available on the web site.

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