VENICE, Calif. — The liquid-coffee extract buzz has caught on with US troops, and local owners, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Karno, are helping the military squeeze the most out of their budget during these holidays by donating thousands of packets of their Java Juice(R) to all our well-deserving soldiers.

Richard and his wife, Arlene who officially launched Java Juice(R) early this year, felt it “was a priority to get Java Juice(R) overseas, as a way to contribute.” So they contacted the Blue Star Mothers and Goodies for the Good Guys who gratefully accepted their donation of 5,000 packets of Java Juice(R) and immediately sent them to men and women on-tour. US-military suppliers recognize the popularity with troops of these lightweight packets of perk and are ensuring they’re received during the holidays.

According to Brigade Quartermasters’ merchandising director Mike McCourt says, “the portability, ease-of-use, and speed with which (you) can put together a refreshing cup of coffee is surpassed only by coffeehouse flavor and aroma. What an excellent, hassle-free way to recharge the batteries.” The soldiers are using up supplies as quickly as they arrive.

Karno originally created Java Juice(R) for the eco-adventure and culinary industries for fans of his proprietary blends of organic beans. The success of Java Juice(R) promoted awareness the need for portable coffee in rucksacks of American soldiers.

USAR’s Dr. Nelson Rosen is also a fan. “Java Juice(R) will now be appearing in my unit’s drill hall, and will assume the dominant position in my field-coffee arsenal. When you consider weight, taste, clean up, ease of preparation, no other field coffee technique can rival it. To compare it with instant would be ridiculous, and I’m done with playing around with field French presses or percolators. You’ve hit a home run.”

Java Juice(R) is 100% shade-grown, organic-coffee extract, made in the USA from the finest Arabica beans. Java Juice(R) contains no chemicals or preservatives and is fairly traded and kosher. It’s also antioxidant-rich and easy to make – just add water to-taste.

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