VENICE, Calif. — Originally, Java Juice(R) was created for, and embraced by, the outdoor-adventure industry. The success of the just-add-water, single-serving version of the product promoted awareness of a need to get the lightweight packets to American soldiers, say the folks at Java Juice, Inc. ( Brigade Quartermaster gratefully accepted boxes of Java Juice(R) and immediately sent them abroad.

The liquid-coffee extract buzz has caught on with US troops; and company owners, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Karno, are helping the military squeeze the most out of their budget. “By donating thousands of packets of Java Juice, our well-deserving soldiers now have access to excellent field coffee.”

java juiceReaching deployed soldiers was a goal for owner Ms. A. Karno, who said, “The highlight of the year was a letter from a deployed soldier in Afghanistan.”

SSG R. Kohlenberger wrote:
“First, it’s cold here. I mean really cold. Nothing is better on a cold, windy Afghanistan night than a hot cup of coffee. Second, your coffee is really good. I mean that. ‘Instant’ coffee tends to be, well, pretty nasty stuff. But, the coffee extract that you sent is excellent. Here in Afghanistan, we don’t have much in the way of creature comforts.”

Richard and his wife Arlene felt it “was a priority to get Java Juice(R) overseas, as a way to contribute.” The Santa Clarita chapter of Blue Star Mothers was delighted to send the donation of over 5,000 packets of Java Juice(R) to men and women on-tour. US-military suppliers recognize the popularity of these little packets of perk and are ensuring they’re available through military and camping wholesalers such as,, and

According to Brigade Quartermasters’ Mike McCourt, “The portability, ease-of-use, and speed with which you can put together a refreshing cup of coffee is surpassed only by coffeehouse flavor. What a hassle-free way to recharge the batteries.”

Arlene Karno said, “The many letters we receive from, firefighters and EMT workers in the field thanking us for Java Juice, tells us we got it right.”

Fire Captain writes from Montana writes: “After a really long day and night chasing fires, one of my co-workers introduced me to Java Juice. WOW, what an amazing transformation! Talk about jump-starting the day! The flavor – truly amazing! ‘I’m hooked!'”

A. Pezza EMT/Firefighter wrote: “Your product that works great for EMT’s who work 12-16 hour shifts and depend on good coffee to get through their day.”

Java Juice(R) is organic-coffee extract, roasted from the finest Arabica beans. It contains no chemicals or preservatives and is fairly traded and kosher with a guaranteed one-year shelf life.

Find information about Java Juice products at:, or call toll-free at 866.244.3633.

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