Super Premium Vodka Slows Global Warming with Every Drink

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. — Corporate Responsibility! “Saving the Wild Jaguar & Rainforest” Prestige Imports originally purchased 2,500,000 sq. ft. of Pristine Amazon Rainforest and recently formed an alliance with the Rain Trust Foundation to preserve even more Rainforest in our designated Jaguar Vodka reserve. Each drink and bottle purchased increases the size of the Jaguar Vodka reserve.

Rainforests are the lungs of our planet, they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Visit: and

We spared no expense in designing Jaguar Vodka – 1) Finest European Glassware and Bottle Decoration, 2) Distilled from Pure Caribbean Sugar Cane Molasses, 3) Purest and Cleanest Coral & Limestone Filtered Water, 4) Distilled Minimum 5 Times Under Low Temperature (Slow Cook) and 5) Jaguar Vodka Preserves Pristine Amazon Rainforest with Each Drink

Design Stage One, Glassware
Our glassware is produced in Europe using the best demonstrative technology available to frost (Acid Etch) and decorate (ACL) a heavy, high-grade and expensive, windowed bottle. The bottles are shipped to Barbados where they are filled, capped and shipped to United States.

Design Stage Two, Raw Materials
We chose not to use cheap inexpensive grain and potato recipes to distilled our alcohol, instead we use only pure sugar cane molasses to make the finest vodka – even though neutral alcohol produced from sugar cane molasses costs more than twice as much.

Design Stage Three, Water
We selected the ultra pure water from Barbados to comprise 60% of our Super Premium Jaguar Vodka. Water quality and purity are two of the most critical elements necessary to achieve superior vodka. Only a few companies use ultra pure water to produce their vodka.

Design Stage Four, Distillation
We’ve combined old world craftsmanship with State of the Art technology in distilling Jaguar Vodka. The proprietary formula is repeatedly vacuum-distilled under reduced temperatures (Slow Cooked) until all impurities are removed then triple filtered to meet our very stringent specifications. This distillation process is the only type in the world.

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