DENVER, Colo. — “When you’re invited for a job interview, it pays to be prepared, and part of being prepared is knowing ahead of time how you’re going to do certain things that will give you a competitive advantage,” contends Bob Gerberg of ITS, at the firm’s Denver headquarters. “ITS helps you do this in 6 ways because it teaches you how to: (1) read the interviewer’s personality; (2) maximize personal chemistry in minutes; (3) communicate through memorable stories; (4) have good questions ready; (5) know all about the employer; (6) answer difficult questions easily.”

Gerberg went on to explain that, “ITS provides some guidance in both print and audio. Things you can learn include how to overcome objections while building rapport, how to select and prepare references, how to answer common questions, and much more. The surprising thing is, it does not take a person that long to be thoroughly prepared in all these areas, and once they’ve done the preparation, they’re set for the entire job search.

“Many job seekers will find one section particularly interesting. It is titled ‘5 Proven Rules For Interviewing Success.’ It gives you detailed instructions on how to build personal chemistry in a number of ways, how to pay compliments, for example, without coming across as giving empty flattery, how to ask questions that direct the discussion to areas you know will help you, and how to follow up and project enthusiasm. Of course, researching employers ahead of time is always important, for several reasons, and ITS has a number of resources that enable job seekers to quickly learn a lot, not only about a company, but also about the industry and, backgrounds of key individuals in the company.”

ITS offers Personal Marketing Services that goes far beyond Outplacement Career counseling. ITS uses its own unique technology to give job seekers access to as much as 85% of the advertised openings, including those from newspapers, recruiter openings, job boards, employer sites, and trade magazines. It also provides access to the unadvertised job market among employers, recruiters and growth companies.

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Valerie Gotten
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