AMSTERDAM — Worries about the economy, the arrival of shorter days in the Northern Hemisphere and the stresses of the upcoming holiday season are just some of the things weighing on minds around the world. With a constant stream of downbeat news it’s all too easy to think that one’s own emotions are in a similar negative spiral. Mogelli Ltd announces today its new iPhone application: Moods, which aims to give users a better handle on their feelings by letting them keep track of both good and bad times.

Moods helps users to keep their emotions in perspective by giving them a choice of thirty-two unique “feeling faces” — colorful emoticons that express a range of emotional states: from light-hearted to somber and everywhere in between. Users can pick the Mood that reflects their current state of mind and then write an entry describing why they feel the way they do. The Mood and the entry are then saved on the user’s iPhone, creating a personal log of one’s feelings. Later on the user can take advantage of Moods snapshot analysis tool, which shows users how often they felt a certain way in a given day or month.

Travis Choma, Mogelli founder, developed the idea for Moods earlier this month after noticing that the people around him seemed less upbeat than usual. “We live in a world where we can be plugged in 24-hours a day to news and views,” he says.

“On the whole I think this is positive. Yet in bad times it can also lead to people losing sight of their own reasons to be happy. Or vice versa. I wanted to give people a practical tool for being more tuned in to their own state of mind, instead of being dragged along by the feelings of the crowd.”

Choma also wanted to allow users to easily share their Moods with others. “If a user chooses he or she can e-mail their Mood and the accompanying entry to a friend, which creates a more personal kind of feedback and can lead to even better understanding of those closest to you.”

Moods is featured in the Lifestyle section of Apple’s online app store and can be downloaded and enjoyed by owners of all iPhone and iPod Touch models.

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