AMES, Iowa — Despite the recent ice storm in the area, Karen Frazier of West Paducah, Kentucky, was selected and received an Australian Shepherd named Briar from Paws of Life Foundation. Frazier is a member of Little Egypt Search and Rescue of Carbondale, Illinois. Little Egypt Search and Rescue is a volunteer group of individuals and canines providing assistance in the event of lost or missing individuals in southern Illinois and surrounding areas.

Although relatively new to search and rescue, Frazier is ecstatic that being paired with Briar is solidifying a long-time desire to be involved in canine search and rescue. Her interest in search and rescue began when she observed a rescue group’s efforts to locate a missing child. Even though unable to pursue her interest at the time, Frazier maintained the desire to become involved in search and rescue. After joining Little Egypt Search and Rescue last fall, Frazier’s goal materialized. When Frazier became aware of Briar’s availability, it was another piece falling into place. Briar combined Frazier’s desire for search and rescue opportunities and her love of Australian Shepherds.

“I am honored to be chosen,” Frazier states. She reports that Briar has fit in well into her home which she shares with her son, another Australian Shepherd, and a Pomeranian. Frazier is looking forward to beginning training with Briar.

Paws of Life is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, training, and support to search and rescue groups across the nation. Paws of Life works with responders on local levels and also assists with placement of canines with appropriate handlers. The organization screens dogs on temperament and behaviors to identify good candidates for the demands of search and rescue work. Developed by experienced handlers, the criteria ensure that the most suitable dogs are targeted for use in search and rescue or law enforcement training.

Dana McGuire, president of Little Egypt Search and Rescue, says he sincerely respects Paws of Life’s focus on “teaching the grassroots” of canine search and rescue. According to McGuire, Paws of Life identified potential in Briar. “I see the potential in Briar. I see the same potential in Karen. They make a good match,” McGuire commented. McGuire reports that he appreciates Paws of Life’s ability to locate good dogs and is excited about Briar’s placement with Karen and Little Egypt Search and Rescue.

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