SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — IO2 Technology announced today the release of its new, larger line of free-space display solutions that show full-color full-motion floating video images. The company’s Heliodisplay is now available in 30″, 50″ and 100″ diagonal screen sizes. The model sizes correspond to the sizes of a medium-size television, a large-screen television, and a full-size human.

Most impressive is the M100, producing an image seven feet wide or tall, depending on how it is oriented. The M50 and M30, meanwhile, produce head-and-shoulders sized images for conference rooms, store displays, restaurants, offices, and corporate lobbies. The M30 is portable and user-installable in a two-component box that is only 6″ tall, while the M50 and M100 models include onsite installation by IO2 technicians.

IO2 Technology Heliodisplay All Heliodisplays produce a full-color, full-motion image, and can take input from any source, such as a laptop or a DVD player. Although the images appear to be holographic, they are actually generated from any content of the user’s choosing, without requiring specialized custom content.

“Nothing beats the wow factor of an image hovering in free space. And now that image can be life-size, or larger-than-life,” said IO2 account executive Julia Feldstein. Initial interest for IO2’s larger displays has come from customers as diverse as restaurants, casinos, real estate developers, and government.

IO2 sells all its models, including the M100, directly worldwide. For more information about the Heliodisplay product line, visit the Company’s website at, or call +1-650-583-5230.

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