NEW YORK, N.Y. — In today’s world of stress and illness, people continue to seek ways to improve and restore health. Intuitive Health offers custom-designed wellness programs to incorporate their clients’ inner awareness into a comprehensive health program.

Soaring healthcare costs also contribute to clients seeking alternative ways to maintain health and wellness. Intuitive Health provides a holistic approach and incorporates various modalities to help their clients achieve overall health and inner well being.

Services include: health counseling, Reiki, stress management, and nutritional makeovers.

Bradley is a master teacher and practitioner of Reiki – a non-invasive form of subtle energy therapy. Reiki is from Japan, but shares some similarities to other meditation techniques from other parts of Asia. The treatment emphasizes balancing the physical body as well as the electromagnetic field and subtle energy in and around the body. Reiki helps to clear energy blocks through the major chakras and related organ systems.

“While Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment, many hospitals in the U.S. and Europe are incorporating this alternative method as a complimentary technique,” Celeste Bradley, owner of Intuitive Health, explained. “The deep sense of achieved relaxation helps to facilitate healing.”

Reiki supports healing because it helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, balance emotions and facilitate personal growth and awareness. Many spas are also now adding it to their client service menu.

Bradley also focuses on nutrition and will assist clients in food selection for necessary weight loss or gain. She helps clients to restore energy levels and to focus and relax.

A recent client who was experiencing hypertension and migraines explained that the program not only taught him about the importance of diet, but also suggested specific exercises and relaxation methods that have resulted in the elimination of daily suffering and taught him a new way to live.

Intuitive Health offers private sessions, distance healing and will also teach people how to practice healing techniques and incorporate methods for their families and even pets.

“We design a plan that will meet the needs of each client. Each client is different and we will work with them and act as their personal wellness coach,” Bradley explained.

Bradley received her healing training at the International Center for Reiki in N.Y., and from the New York Awareness Center. She also studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.

Intuitive Health offers certified Reiki workshops and a number of health awareness and improvement packages.

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