MCLEAN, Va. — iSquare, Inc. announces the launching of a public beta web site that promises to make apartment seeking and dwelling more fun and effective. The new web site,, provides existing renters with referral bonuses from their community management company while providing apartment seekers with the “inside scoop” and consolidated listings of referrals and sublets in a single click.

This free service lets referrers post their referral information in a searchable database of 40,000 complexes across the U.S. And, if the potential renter decides to go with an apartment complex that is listed in the database, the referrer will receive a referral bonus. Referrers are also encouraged to share their bonuses with interested renters as an enticement to choose their offering.

“One of the features that sets us apart from other apartment listing web sites,” Premraj Jeyaprakash, CEO, explains, “is that current apartment referrers who use this site are able to communicate with potential renters, providing them with an insider’s view.”

All communication is done via a private message board so people do not have to worry about privacy issues. Actual e-mail addresses are not viewed. does not require registration for apartment and referral search. For those who wish to offer a referral or respond, sign-up is quick; only an e-mail address is required. Communities not yet listed can be added by users. And, utility/cable referrals can also be offered.

“Connecting existing renters with potential renters is a win-win situation,” Premraj says. “After all, who knows more than those people who are currently living there? Apartment Managers gloss over problem areas, but existing renters will share the truth.”

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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