GLENDALE, Calif. — Intellikey Labs, the first and most established content and DVD testing lab, is on the forefront of DVD content copy protection testing. Utilizing its proprietary protocols developed specifically for copy protection testing, Intellikey performs definitive copy protection testing for optical media via its expansive domestic and international DVD player matrices.

“Protecting content and quality without disruption of the consumer experience is a priority for the content providers,” stated Lauren Evers, President and CEO of Intellikey Labs. “Intellikey is recognized as the definitive standard in DVD copy protection testing, bringing the studios, web-based distribution providers and copy protection application developers to our lab to provide them with solutions to their copy protection concerns.”

“Any modification to optical media content, such as the incorporation of copy protection, has the potential to cause playability and functionality issues,” explained Evers. “Intellikey’s proprietary copy protection testing is essential to assure that content maintains its integrity, and that our clients (the studios) maintain their protection.”

About Intellikey Labs
Since 1997, Intellikey Labs has been recognized by global entertainment, media, hardware manufacturers, application developers and software companies as the market leader in quality assurance testing for their projects and products. Intellikey Labs provides expertise in content quality assurance testing for DVD, downloadable and streamed media, HD-DVD and BD-DVD on a wide range of platforms and devices including ROM, website, portable media players, computers and hardware.

Intellikey offers a minimum of over 400 DVD domestic and international players and a broad-based computer matrix for playability testing. Intellikey’s proprietary and unique AMP(TM) value (Affected Market Percentage) is available for Region 1 DVD testing, with efforts underway to offer the only AMP(TM) available for both HD and BD testing.

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