‘Intellikey Tests’ to highlight QA testing information for DVD and website

GLENDALE, Calif. — Intellikey Labs announced today the launch of their podcast series “Intellikey Tests” now available on the Intellikey corporate website. The podcasts are designed for content providers who want to learn how to apply quality assurance testing to their products to avoid errors that may upset customers and clients.

Intellikey Labs is the recognized innovation leader for quality assurance content testing of digital and optical media. Founded in 1997 during the advent of DVD technology, the company had the foresight to establish itself as the first independent lab to test DVD products.

Intellikey Tests podcastThe “Intellikey Tests” podcast series covers five technical topics which include Compatibility Testing, Menu Navigation and Functionality, Website and Usability, Copy Protection and Educational Product Testing. “We wanted to answer the many requests we get for a simple and informative introduction to how testing can make the difference between an error-free product, and one that is not,” said Lauren Evers, co-founder and President of Intellikey Labs.

“The podcast series covers topics relevant to the importance of preventative testing to help ensure the most error-free product possible before that product is released.”

“Intellikey Tests” is available at:

About Intellikey Labs
Intellikey Labs provides independent quality assurance testing for optical media and downloadable content. The Lab offers testing for DVD, optical media formats, Hi-Definition testing, for both domestic and international regions and territories. A unique and proprietary AMP(TM) rating system that assigns a percentage of risk to issues uncovered during testing on the Intellikey NTSC 1 player matrix is widely considered the definitive testing resource for DVD compatibility. The AMP(TM) rating system is currently being developed for the Blu-ray and HD-DVD player formats.

Intellikey Labs has clients in global entertainment, media, hardware manufacturing, application development, software and publishing. Intellikey is renowned for expertise in quality assurance testing of optical media, downloadable and streamed media, HD-DVD and BD-DVD, content on a wide range of platforms and devices including ROM, website, portable media players, computers and copy protection and new media testing.

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