U.S. Navy’s F-35 Lightning II Next-Generation Aircraft Will Include Industry-Recognized Advancement, SuperHUMS(TM) Diagnostics and Prognostics System

POWAY, Calif. — Intelligent Automation Corporation (IAC), leaders in combat-proven aviation diagnostics and conditions-based maintenance technologies, has been selected by the U.S. Navy to design and develop a next-generation engine diagnostic and prognostic system for the F-35 Lightning II’s Pratt & Whitney F135 engine. The F-35 Lightning is the Navy’s newest, affordable, next-generation strike aircraft weapons system.

IAC’s proposed engine diagnostic and prognostic system will leverage the groundbreaking SuperHUMS(TM) platform, which incorporates a programmable, high-performance digital signal processing capability critical to early and accurate turbine engine fault detection.

The three key benefits of the F-35 engine diagnostic, prognostic, and maintenance tracking system are accurate gas path and rotating machinery assessment, control system gas path fault detections, and virtual sensing for enhanced maintenance decision support.

“We are delighted that the U.S. Navy has selected IAC to provide our advanced engine diagnostics and health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) technologies for the F35,” said Jeff Goodrich, President and Chief Executive Officer of IAC. “IAC’s extensive HUMS experience coupled with our rapid research, development, and design capabilities will provide the Navy with a versatile, next-generation, engine condition based maintenance technology–on time and on budget.”

IAC Valued at over $600,000, this contract leverages IAC’s unique, combat proven, HUMS systems experience for the Navy’s F-35 aircraft. IAC’s mission critical technology solutions save time and money, while improving availability and safety for its worldwide military and commercial customers.

About Intelligent Automation Corporation
Intelligent Automation Corporation (IAC) is a machinery diagnostics company with a unique blend of research, systems engineering, manufacturing, and field support expertise. Our products and technology add value for our customers by applying easy-to-understand advanced technology solutions to complex problems that increase machinery availability, reduce operating costs, and improve safety.

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