JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — According to Global Strategic Alliance (GSA), in the past several months citizens have noticed unusual heavy military helicopter traffic over citizen airspace at an alarming rate. Some citizens report as many as one military helicopter per 15 minutes on some days, says GSA. Sources concerned wonder if some secret mission is underway and the security of Florida’s citizens is in jeopardy. Some flights have been so low that individual citizens report close encounters over residential homes have been witnessed. Reports indicate that airspace over heavily populated residential areas in Jacksonville experience repeated cycles of helicopter patterns that seem to be targeting certain residential areas. These helicopters are military and most likely from Jacksonville’s navy base. Increased helicopter traffic is witnessed at nights.

“Has Homeland Security now invaded and revoked the rights of citizens to peace and privacy?” the GSA group asks. Is there some type of military buildup or subversive mission being prepared that requires military helicopters to invade Florida’s citizens’ peace and rest during months of airspace harassment by repeated flight patterns over specific residential areas? No mention in media has been noted regarding such military traffic.

Some citizens report that repeated military helicopter flights over their communities cause them to wonder if our government is now “spying” on its citizens under the disguise of terrorism. Is America’s government abusing its national security rights by spying on its own citizens for other reasons than national security?

“Global Strategic Alliance urges all citizens who experience increased helicopter traffic to contact local T.V. news media for further investigation in order to alert our state and local governments that we are very concerned and very aware that such an invasion of individual rights is occurring and that we demand answers!”

Global Strategic Alliance ( is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to helping trauma victims worldwide. It is committed to helping people overcome the disastrous impact traumatic crisis and to prepare America and the world for catastrophic events that will bring massive human suffering.