NEW YORK, N.Y. — In response to economic uncertainty, New York based collection agency Williams, Charles & Scott, Ltd. (WCS) has launched an innovative online payment service called WCS WebPay. WCS WebPay is a proprietary and encrypted web payment option that allows corporations and consumers to liquidate their debts via major credit card or “via check by phone,” 24/7 in very unique ways. Unlike credit card payment offerings used by others in the industry, WCS’ collection staff can tailor the WCS WebPay options given to each debtor account anytime during the recovery process. WCS collector’s have the ability to enable up to 3 repayment options; either a payment in full, a one time partial payment, or to enter into a re-occurring payment arrangement any time “on the fly.” For each selection enabled, WCS’s collectors are able to further modify the options based on the age, account history, and account balance due to further facilitate payment on the account.

“As a result, not every debtor receives the option to utilize WCS WebPay or uses WCS WebPay in the same way. One debtor account may be granted a single option for full web based payment while another debtor, owing on an older account, may also receive another option to enter into a short term repayment plan,” says Scott Weiss, President of WCS. “While our staff is versed at extracting payments via requesting a paper or electronic check, wire, or money order, there are times where a credit card payment is the only payment vehicle for the person owing the money. As a result, WCS WebPay has been the deciding factor whether a debt gets paid,” Weiss reports.

Another feature of the service is that is generates an email to the collector as soon as the debtor enters the WCS WebPay portal. This allows each collector to monitor their accounts more closely. If the debtor aborts the payment process the Collector receives an electronic alert, allowing him to makes immediate contact with the debtor to see to it the payment is completed. Additionally, to eliminate charge backs and misuse, every transaction is screened to locate “red flags.” The flagged submissions are then denied the transaction, while a 3rd type of notification is sent to the collection staff. The collector then contacts the debtor to finalize the payment via alternative payment measures.

Weiss summarizes his satisfaction with the new offering, “In these uncertain times, every business is facing challenges. It is my duty more than ever to provide the latest in innovations for our clients to aide in recovery of their delinquent accounts. Today, a credit card payment has become a viable option to hold off further collection efforts. And because of the nature of the economy, WCS WebPay has already paid for itself in increased recoveries.”

ABOUT WCS. Est. in 1983, Williams, Charles, & Scott LTD. (WCS) is a respected and ethical leader in the Commercial Collections Industry, providing effective debt recovery services on a domestic and International level. WCS’s track record of excellence covers all types of commercial accounts and is accredited by the American Collectors Association and the Agency Section of The Commercial Law league of America. To discuss your recovery needs, WCS can be reached Toll free at 1-800-652-4445, by email at, or via the web at