SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — In his first YouTube address since taking office, Governor Jerry Brown is calling on state legislators to let voters have a voice in deciding how to solve the state’s budget crisis. Brown gave Californians an update on budget negotiations in Sacramento during a three minute check-in filmed in his Capitol office.

The state Legislature made a series of tough cuts to the state budget last week, eliminating billions in programs and services. Now, Brown wants to let the people vote on whether to extend currently existing taxes or make even deeper cuts.

“This is a matter that’s too big and too irreversible to leave just to those you have elected,” said Brown. “This is a time when the people themselves can gather together in a special election and make the hard choice.”

Without an extension of currently existing taxes, Brown said balancing the budget would require “drastic cuts” to “our University, to education, to health care, to police services, to fire services, and many, many other things.”

Brown asserted the right of the people to vote and said he is working hard to make sure they get a chance to decide in June whether to extend currently existing taxes or make deeper cuts.

“Would you like the chance to cast this vote, or would you think it’s appropriate to shut out the people of California?”

Brown also reminded Californians that there is no time for partisan squabbles when the state is facing a severe budget crisis.

“I don’t see this as a Republican or a Democratic issue,” said Brown. “This is a matter of all of us thinking as Californians first and acting in solidarity to grapple with problems that have been avoided too long.”

Brown concluded: “If we pull together, if we make the tough decisions, if we exercise the measure of discipline that the times call out for, California will continue to prosper in the years ahead.”