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LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — iMobie Inc. has added a new feature to its Mac-care software – MacClean 3, still for FREE. Not just cleanse and optimize Mac, it now can retrieve gigabytes of more disk space by removing unneeded iOS backups stored in iTunes. With a whole new EL CAPITAN makeover, now it’s easy for users to clear, tune-up and protect a Mac with this all-in-one free app.

“Stuff you never think about hangs around in your OS X system, and your Mac space has been swallowed constantly by junk,” said Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie. “And your Mac becomes cluttered and storage crunched as time goes by. That’s why we have developed MacClean to thoroughly cleanse and smooth out your Mac. And now, we have introduced a new feature to regain more Mac space by reorganizing iTunes backups.”

What’s new in updated MacClean 3?
MacClean 3 now lets users to manage all iTunes backups saved on Mac OS. Since iTunes creates several backups on Mac when syncing with iPhone in long-term use, this is a storage waste — especially for those who own several iOS devices. With the newly updated MacClean, users can review all iTunes backups with date & volume, and then remove those unneeded or outdated ones from Mac. Thus, they can easily regain gigabytes of free space on Mac in an instant.

More Highlight Features:

Easy Cleanup:
MacClean cleans all types of junk out of Mac in a few taps, and offers tools to trim Mac deeper. It allows removing old large files, duplicates, unused language files and reorganizing extensions, and more.

OS X Optimization:
Gigabytes of redundant data accumulated in daily use could cause a cluttered and retarded Mac. With all-round optimizing functions, MacClean 3 can sweeps them all and keep Macs running like new.

Security Protection:
MacClean fully protects users against all potential threats with constantly updated virus database. It moves suspicious files to quarantine and wipes out malicious cookies to avoid risks.

Privacy Care:
MacClean 3 helps users erase the sensitive personal info left on Mac. It clears up user’s footprints in recently opened apps and files; cleans cookies, cashes, history, passwords in web browsers; and shatters files with no way to recover.

Pricing and Availability:
MacClean 3 is completely free of charge. No catch, no hidden costs, no in-app purchases. You can download it directly from

Notes to Editors:
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About iMobie Inc.:
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Published on Apr 2016