iMobie Releases MacClean 3

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — iMobie Inc. proudly announces the release of MacClean 3, still for FREE. Not just cleaning junk and optimizing Mac®, MacClean 3 can also secure Mac users’ privacy and protect Mac from all types of security threats, including malware, spyware, worms, scareware, adware, malicious cookies, etc. With this one single free app, users can keep Mac clean, fast and secure.

“Mac users have long been told that they are immune from malware. Well, although it is true that Mac is more difficult to compromise, it’s by no means invulnerable,” said Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie Inc. “With the arising of first Mac ransomware KeRanger, we all know Mac is never safe from malicious attacks. That’s why we released MacClean 3, which gives full protection for your Mac against malicious threats and potential risks.”

What is MacClean 3?
With the third version, MacClean has become an all-round free tool that helps users with Mac cleaning, system optimization, privacy care, and security protection.

Download MacClean 3 for FREE now and enjoy a more productive Mac:

Junk Cleanup:
MacClean 3 finds and cleans all safe-to-remove junks out of Mac, such as caches, log files, app leftovers, temp files, etc. Besides, it gives a bunch of cleanup utilities to remove space-hoggers in minutes, including old and large files, useless duplicates, unused language files, and more.

OS X Optimization:
Gigabytes of useless data generated in OS X system could cause a slow Mac. Armed with a set of optimizing tools, MacClean 3 can remove them all and elevate Mac performance in an eye blink.

Privacy Care:
You value your privacy and MacClean 3 secures it for you. It erases your trace of recently opened apps, documents, and file folders; cleans cookies, cashes, history, saved passwords and other data in your Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera; and erases deleted iMessages and FaceTime history to ensure your privacy.

Security Protection:
No computer system is completely immune from attack; even a Mac. MacClean 3 gives full protection against security threats. With constantly updated list of malware, spyware, worms, scareware and adware, MacClean 3 detects all suspicious files and moves them to the quarantine, to protect Mac from malicious threats. Plus, it scans out malicious cookies and wipes them off to avoid potential risks.

Learn full features of MacClean 3:

Pricing and Availability:
MacClean 3 is completely free of charge. No catch, no hidden costs, no in-app purchases. You can download it directly from

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About iMobie Inc.:
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Published on Mar 2016