HOUSTON, Texas — Momentum Transport announces the implementation of the Momentum Transport Affiliate Program, an initiative designed to enable affiliates to earn commissions through client referrals. From auto dealers to moving and storage companies, Momentum’s goal is to establish relationships with business and individuals whose everyday operations deal with customers in need of vehicle transport.

The Affiliate Program offers several ways for affiliates to refer their clients to Momentum Transport: through provided site links and banners, a call to Momentum Transport directly, or through the Momentum online sales interface, which enables affiliates to enter and track their orders. Momentum strives to make the process as simple as possible for its affiliates, leaving their focus squarely on the business of referring clients. Leveraging the power of the Momentum brand name and sterling reputation, affiliates have the power to offer their clients premium transport service at cost-effective prices.

“Vehicle transport is essential to the livelihood of auto dealers and individuals all over the country. Momentum is looking to fortify its reputation by partnering with businesses and individuals who require the level of service and commitment that we have provided over the years,” Greg Giles, CEO, Momentum Transport, said.

The Momentum Transport Affiliate Program is ideal for moving and storage companies, automotive dealers, public storage facilities, and REALTORS(R) — to name just a few.

To become a Momentum Transport Affiliate, interested organizations and individuals can go to and simply fill out the enrollment form — the applicant will be contacted by an Affiliate Specialist within 24 hours.

About Momentum Transport

Since 1996, Momentum Transport has been the nation’s premier provider of auto and freight shipping services. Momentum’s goal to provide value-priced, hassle-free transport services has helped to vault the company to one of the largest and most well respected transport providers in the country. From multi-national corporations and dealerships to the everyday consumer, Momentum Transport assists in the movement of thousands of vehicles on a yearly basis — while never comprising its commitment to unmatched quality and seamless customer service.

For more information, call 1-866-309-7700 or log on to

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