PRINCETON, N.J. — What’s a “staycation” you ask? It’s a vacation spent at home, and more and more people are re-discovering the advantages to staying at home to renew and restore the senses while padding the pocketbook. And, Patio World Home & Hearth is working to ensure people maximize their “staycations.” In lieu of high gas prices, the weakening dollar, financial uncertainty, and airport nightmares, stress levels are at an all-time high – just when people need a vacation the most.

And, when bodies are stressed, an array of health problems can arise. These may include: difficulty sleeping and concentrating, panic attacks, neck and back pain, ulcers, rise in blood pressure, digestion problems, depression, heart attacks, and a compromised immune system.

So, what’s a person to do? A staycation is a viable alternative. It also provides time to reconnect with family, neighbors and friends.

Business entertaining at home is also on the rise. Dining out, while still popular, is lately getting some serious competition from its counterpart – dining at home.

Perry Arons, CEO of one of the largest chain of patio stores on the east coast, Patio World Home & Hearth, says, “More and more people are recognizing that entertaining in a comfortable and elegant, open-air entertainment room not only helps to build a personal rapport, but also helps to weather economic uncertainty.”

Well-appointed outdoor entertaining areas can turn a home into a vacation or business destination. According to Consumer Reports, by creating inviting outdoor living space, people can also increase their home’s value.

And, in today’s depressed real estate market, the second most likely home-remodeling project is outdoor entertaining space. Many outdoor spaces are also designed to be the focal point of a home.

Arons sums up this new awareness. He explains that, “Our customers are asking us to design, implement and furnish outdoor areas that rival the best of any quaint Caribbean hotel or high-end resort.”

Patio World Home & Hearth does complete makeovers with marble-top tables for dining; fire pits and cafe sets for intimate or private talks; pergolas and gazebos to resemble a faraway oasis; large fountains to eliminate exterior noise; and elite, gourmet grills containing storage, sinks and refrigerators.

“Place some vibrant throws and pillows for accent color; add a few old-fashioned, but fashionable bronze standing fans and patio heaters to counter a hot or cool evening, and a getaway that is worlds away is simply a few feet away,” Arons says.

Patio World Home & Hearth offers a large selection of furniture and seating arrangements for immediate delivery, and free in-house designing and shipping to anywhere in the world.

“The best part of this ‘taking the inside out’ phenomenon,” Arons explains, “is that parents no longer have to answer to ‘are we there yet,’ and since men are notoriously the grillers, men can grill while women chill.”

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