KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii — Virtually all chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, can be eliminated through diet and lifestyle changes. At least, that is what the management of the Walk of Faith health retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii claims. Walk of Faith, a program of Rational Christian Ministries, a non-denominational ministry based in Scottsdale, Arizona, argues that the serious maladies plaguing millions of Americans are simply the result of improper diet and lack of exercise.

Citing numerous studies from conventional medical sources, representatives for the Walk of Faith program insist that by removing the causative agents and substituting health-oriented practices and habits, there is no chronic disease that cannot be beaten without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and invasive medical procedures.

“Most of the chronic illness we see today, including heart disease, did not even exist before the turn of the 20th century,” says Arnie Suntag, founder of Rational Christian Ministries and director of the Walk of Faith health program. “The reason for this anomaly is the standard American diet and technological advances that, while making life easier in many ways, have turned millions into desk and couch-ridden victims of the industries that thrive on disease – most notably the pharmaceutical companies and the medical infrastructure that provides treatment.”

Suntag, claiming to have overcome cancer and degenerative skeletal disorders through major lifestyle changes, often touts his message of recovery on television programs and at churches around the country. “If only more people realized that they can get well without relying on doctors and drugs, there would be a revolution in this country that would turn healthcare upside down,” says Suntag. “God gave us the simplest of methods to maintain optimum health, and I owe my life to this fact. The trouble is, many who profess to have faith often become fearful and turn to conventional wisdom instead of Biblically-based principles when faced with a serious health crisis.”

The Walk of Faith health retreat is located in a remote area of Hawaii’s Kohala Coast where its literature asserts that the program offers a “second chance for good health.” “Those who come to our retreat can genuinely start their lives over by dispensing with the old habitual patterns that got them into trouble, and replacing them with healthy practices that will help them to overcome chronic disease and to maintain excellent health,” says Suntag. “In short, we teach program participants how to take better care of themselves. We are not a medical facility, but a unique educational program where the outcomes are far better than one can hope to find with mainstream physicians and pharmaceutical drugs.”

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