FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — Griffith Photography Educational Services (GPES), a division of Griffith Photography, will launch a series of photography classes in January 2008 designed for beginning through advanced photography enthusiasts. Training classes will allow digital camera owners to have a more enjoyable photography experience by increasing their knowledge and understanding photography. Camera controls are also explained during the training process.

Each class is taught by a local professional photographer dedicated to the advancement of photography through education and training. Classes will also include digital imaging/editing to help users understand how to manage and enhance their images.

According to a recent forecast from Lyra Research, worldwide digital camera shipments rose 21 percent in 2006 to approximately 98 million units. Lyra’s forecast now projects worldwide digital camera shipments (not including picture phones) to exceed 130 million units in 2010 for a compound annual growth rate of more than 10 percent.

GPES understands that many of these camera owners will be unable to take advantage of the features of their cameras because they lack a thorough understanding of their camera and the elements needed to create quality images. These training classes will provide camera owners the ability to use their camera more effectively.

GPES is focused on creating a “learning experience” for students by providing a unique blend of technical information, concept demonstration, and hands-on exercises to greatly increase student’s knowledge and understanding of each topic. Students are engaged in the learning experience and provided opportunities to relate their knowledge to real-world situations.

The classes make great gifts for anyone since they provide a meaningful learning experience that students may use throughout their lifetime. Gift certificates are available for the classes as well as discounts through a number of area employers. Organizations, such as churches or clubs, may consider sending their member(s) to classes where they may benefit I their efforts to produce their own images in-house.

Classes are not specific to a particular camera/brand and are designed to teach the concepts and how they apply regardless of the camera being used. Upon completion of the training, students will understand the principles of good photography and how to think creatively and create high-quality images in a variety of situations.

Training classes are currently scheduled to meet the needs of any type of digital camera owner. Understanding Your Camera (beginner-level) for those just starting out, Digital Photography (intermediate-level) for those students having digital SLR (DSLR) cameras or advanced point and shoot units with manual controls, and Digital Imaging/Editing (intermediate-level) for students wanting to learn digital workflow, image editing, and product creation. Mini-Classes specially designed for those wanting to learn how to photograph jewelry, food, products for eBay will be available for those needing specific learning on how to apply photography to their specific needs.

Griffith Photography Educational Services has launched to provide more information about training classes, dates, registration, and covered topics during the training.

About Griffith Photography Educational Services
Based in Stafford, Virginia, Griffith Photography Educational Services is a division of Griffith Photography, a provider of Professional Photographic Services. Other service offerings include family and children’s portraits, high-school seniors, events, commercial, and church directories. Additional information is available at

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