Overcoming Today's Stress, Anxiety and Assault on Health

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla., Jun 23, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — International researcher and author, Brian J. Sheen, Ph.D. is happy to announce the release of his new online Master Class, “Overcoming Today’s Stress, Anxiety and Assault on Health.” This course’s purpose is to strengthen and gain mastery over your health while you expedite the re-entry process into our brave new world to turn the ongoing worldwide crisis into an empowering opportunity.

Dr. Sheen summarized his latest course release sharing, “This course expands the vision of wellness and how the body functions, to help overcome the multiple layers of pandemic stress and anxiety which has harmed the body’s disease tolerance and immune levels. The quarantine’s stresses weakened both the immune and endocrine systems from the constant assault on its homeostasis. The international traumas of death and fear have been burnt into the brain through massive electronic fixations that has rewired billions of brains with unhealthy neural networks while turning on negative expressions of their genes. This unprecedented event has predisposed everyone to mental, emotional, and physical illnesses that vaccines cannot provide protection from.”

In this empowering new course, students discover in in a few hours from the engaging videos and materials many helpful approaches to use the sciences of epigenetics and quantum embodiment. These combine the life changing approaches Dr. Sheen shares in his breakthrough books, “The Epigenetics Cure, Re-educating Your Cells and DNA for Optimal Health” (available on Amazon in English, Spanish and Audible editions) and “Accessing Your inner Pharmacy” (available on Amazon in English and Spanish).

Samples of the course’s subjects include:

Enhancing natural immunities for prevention against illness or disease, alternatives for replacing the medications for depression, ADHD, insomnia, high blood pressure and thyroid imbalances, enhancing your limbic system and disease tolerance, rewiring your brains inner GPS, strengthening your microbiome to catalyze your DNA, injecting your mind with a psychoneuroimmunology based immune booster and discovering how to heal traumatic intergenerational epigenetic tags distorting your DNA.

The course, like Dr. Sheen’s books, is experientially based to train yourself in the most up to date scientific tools and strategies to protect your family and yourself from this pandemic’s illness and disease and the scores of others plaguing our country such as heart disease and cancer. In easy to understand and follow techniques, students can become proficient to use the most up to date epigenetic-based methods of neuroscience, to overcome the current stress, anxiety, and assault on mental, emotional, and physical health.

As Dr. Sheen espouses, “In a world dominated by social media’s cult-like factions, it is vital everyone understand the facts of how their body and mind can work together to become the masters of their wellness and prevent falling victim to the economic and political vested interest groups that seek to control them.”

To celebrate our upcoming Independence Day there is a special promo code for a 30% discount available until July 4, 2021. Why not become the master of your health? This Master Class “Overcoming Today’s Stress, Anxiety and Assault on Health Course” is specially priced at only $34 when using the promo code.

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