MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — GOLDENCARE USA now offers CareOptionsOnLine(TM), a comprehensive, interactive, care planning tool, to their policyholders. CareOptions has been helping patients, caregivers, and families make informed decisions about their care for over 20 years. Because GOLDENCARE USA believes the importance of long-term care planning cannot be over looked, their policyholders will receive CareOptions at no cost.

“CareOptions is designed to educate, guide, and empower our clients to plan for their care,” said Mike Lynch, General Manager of GCUSA. “This offering confirms our commitment to delivering a complete solution to their long-term care planning needs.” In addition, CareOptions includes information on funding long-term care, as well as personal advice from GOLDENCARE USA’s 7,000-plus agents who specialize in long-term care planning.

To prompt adults of all ages, especially Baby Boomers, to investigate the costs of long-term care, the searchable, nationwide knowledge base of resources features several cost of care calculators. Among the multitude of tools it holds, CareOptions has a complete medical library, evaluation checklists for care products and service providers, quality of care provider ratings and a self-directed process for creating advance directives for health care.

GOLDENCARE USA, founded in 1974, has been a leader in providing information on long-term care services and funding. To find out more on how you can benefit from GOLDENCARE USA’s resources or how you can represent GOLDENCARE USA and offer CareOptions to your policyholders, please contact GCUSA.

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