LONGMONT, Colo. — Functional Innovations, LLC announces the release of the P.A.S.T.(TM) Core Training System; an award winning product that improves real-life fitness with over 100 functional exercises. The patented P.A.S.T. (Posture, Agility, Strength, and Total Body Integration) Core Training System was designed by Todd Langer, CEO of Functional Innovations and a leading health and fitness specialist, while overcoming disabling injuries.

“My desire to live a pain-free life has been the driving force behind years of academic study and personal trial and error,” said Langer. “What I’ve learned is the best results come from improving balance, posture, and core strength within a total body framework.”

“Your Low-Tech Solution”

In recent times a high-tech revolution has changed our lifestyles, but not the way our body’s are designed for movement. As such millions of people have succumbed to repetitive strain injuries and cumulative trauma disorders that gradually worsen in the face of gravity. Dr. Tom Ravin M.D., President of the American Academy Musculoskeletal Medicine, expands on this notion, “As technology increases in the age of the computer, we must make every effort to insure that the structure of the human body does not deteriorate in the process and the P.A.S.T. Core Training System is an innovative step in the right direction.”

“Gravity Happens; Get Vertical”

The versatile P.A.S.T.(TM) Core Training System is a standalone functional fitness system that trains total body movement patterns, not muscles in isolation; so, you’re more likely to get carryover into real-life situations. The balance boards use proprietary technology to improve your standing posture and your core muscles are naturally engaged during each and every exercise. Another unique aspect is that the balance boards can be turned over and become a base where the adjustable pushup handles are inserted as a way to spruce up any Yoga and Pilates routine.


Weighing just over 5 pounds, the equipment is durable and compact; enabling you to train practically anywhere and it’s become a favorite for the home workout crowd and a worthy travel companion. Functional Innovations, LLC provides free videos, online and in all downloadable formats, to make it easy for you to get the results you want without compromising your busy lifestyle.

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