DENVER, Colo. — Hammerberg & Associates, Inc. recently acquired the domain name,, for a price tag of $250,000. According to the purchaser and “technoprenuer,” Jeffery Hammerberg, it was a bargain.

Hammerberg & Associates, a well-known Denver Brokerage, owns, and over the years, has developed dozens of domain names – many of which cater to the gay and lesbian communities. Such names include:,,,,, and many more.

Hammerberg & Associates has an inventory of over 4,000 domain names in the gay, lesbian and real estate arenas. has been in development for the past several months and was unveiled to the public last week, unceremoniously, as is typical fashion for the company.

“ is the most extensive database of everything gay in California on the Web,” Hammerberg explained. “Over 550 California cities have listed detailed information about gay and lesbian services, gay and lesbian events, and provided ideas on what to do, and where to go. Business directories serve just about every industry imaginable.”

GayCaliforniaGay and lesbian communities are growing in leaps and bounds throughout the nation. In the United States alone, the current buying power of an estimated 15 million lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans is in excess of $600 billion dollars. And, California is a “mega-market” for the gay and lesbian community; California has an economy that is ranked the fifth largest in the world.

“Our mission at is clear,” Hammerberg said. “We want to ensure that gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people who reside in California communities, are visiting the Golden State, or simply considering relocation, have instant access to information that can guide them to gay-friendly resources and quality businesses.”

The dense database of businesses will serve the LGBT community in every area of their lives – travel, entertainment, business, real estate and more.

For more information, please visit: Logos and interviews are available upon request.

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