COLUMBUS, Ohio — Specialty food executives and marketing leaders who want to grow their brands faster and learn how to successfully compete more efficiently will attend How to Efficiently Build Your Brand: 5 Ways to Grow BIG, While Spending Small hosted by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade’s (NASFT) International Fancy Food Show at McCormick Place, in Chicago on April 26, 2008. Food and beverage brand marketing expert, Tammy Katz, of Katz Marketing Solutions, will lead NASFT’s brand building session.

As one of the food industry’s largest and influential shows, the NASFT Fancy Food Show features the industry’s hottest domestic and international new products and educational sessions, attracting more than 1,000 exhibitors and more than 14,000 attendees from around the world, each year. Bobby Flay will be the keynote speaker.

Tammy Katz is an expert food marketer who has led brands including Miller Lite, Enfamil, Boost and Ruffles, and launched over 100 new products with cumulative sales of $2 billion. This workshop is designed to assist specialty food manufacturing executives profitably build their brand on a limited budget while outmaneuvering larger competitors. During the session, participants will review case studies of some of the industry’s best-performing and creative marketers, including: Dancing Deer Baking Company, Mighty Leaf Tea, Crimson Cup, Stirrings, Sarabeth’s Kitchen, Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Lesser Evil Snacks, and Honest Tea. Attendees will also learn 30 Practical Do’s and Don’ts that will improve the effectiveness of their own marketing programs.

When asked about the session Katz replied, “Effective brand marketing doesn’t require a big budget. The best performing brands consistently apply these five marketing best practices to grow faster and build their brands more efficiently than the competition. These best practices apply to entrepreneurial brands, megabrands, and everyone in between. Every marketing leader can use these best practices to maximize their own brand’s profitable growth potential and avoid common mistakes that waste time and money.”

The interactive session will offer attendees tools to understand and improve their performance. Specific topics to be addressed include:
* 5 Efficient Marketing Best Practices
o Winning Product Development and Differentiation Strategies
o Effective Brand Positioning
o Deliberate Distribution Strategies
o Guerilla Marketing
o Consumer Intimacy
* Work sessions to practice and apply key learnings
* Brand Development Action Plans – developed during the session, structured for participants to implement now

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About Katz Marketing Solutions
Katz Marketing Solutions,, is a brand and marketing consulting firm that specializes in growing food and beverage and consumer products brands and businesses.

Workshop leader is food and beverage marketing expert, Tammy Katz, Chief Executive Officer of Katz Marketing Solutions. Katz’s experience includes leading brand and marketing management for several Fortune 500 food and beverage brands as well as smaller and mid-size food brands.

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