ORLANDO, Fla. — Today’s speech by Governor Romney was in response to concerns many have about Mormonism. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the fourth largest church in the USA, is one of the world’s fastest growing, (approximately 300,000 new converts each year). It is also one of the least well understood. Many people respect and admire the members, but have problems with their understanding of doctrines and history. Reactions range from curiosity to animosity, says author Walter Scott.

There is a serious information gap. No politician can, or should have to publicly discuss his religion in enough detail to educate the open-minded and also deal with intolerance. For people to declare a major religion a non-Christian cult, because it doesn’t accept their creeds, is weird, to use their word. The logical extension of that argument would result in all followers of Christ prior to 300 A.D. being classified as non-Christians! The tone and remarks of some set a dangerous political precedent, and are unfair to Mormons.

We can only hope to overcome this gap by comprehensive information.

What are the commonalities and differences with other Christians? Some beliefs are different. Why? Mormons have been more successful than most in resisting the drift away from traditional values and moral standards, and the attacks on the family. Why? What are the reasons behind our beliefs and practices?

We hope for understanding, not necessarily agreement. This situation has given us the attention of many, an essential requirement for educating them and correcting misconceptions, the author observes.


Walt Scott, a fifth generation Mormon, has twelve pioneer ancestors, including one who joined the Church in 1837, seven years after its organization. This book benefits from that legacy and the author’s experiences in leadership and teaching assignments in the Church. He and his wife have six children, nineteen grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. From that group and their spouses, twelve have served fulltime missions for the Church, in New York, Texas, England, France, Russia, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Taiwan.


Title: The Mystery and Controversy Surrounding “Mormonism”
Author: Walt Scott
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-159858-500-1
6″x9″ paperback, 172 pages, $16.95

More information: http:/

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