HUDSON, Fla. — The nation is at an economic crossroads. Rebuilding the country’s infrastructure is being considered to jump start jobs and the economy. So, where does the average person fit in to this equation? Rebuilding of America announces an ambitious program that joins Americans together. Anyone with $20 can join in multi-million dollar Rebuilding of America projects. Rebuilding of America CEO, Jim Jameson, is personally invested in this project. “After having the proverbial wool pulled over my eyes, back-door politics, and pork-barrel spending, I wanted to see a project that would actually work,” he says.

Jameson spent thousands of dollars working with the Security and Exchange Commission; legal advisors; and reputable financial experts and institutions to create Rebuilding of America. They have invested time and money to help stimulate the country’s economy; get people back to work; and to help others make money along the way.

So, how does it work? For a $20 investment and a $5 processing fee, anyone can participate. For safety and security, all funds are bundled into $250,000 Jumbo Certificates of Deposit, which are fully insured by the FDIC. Money is then used to underwrite financing, and direct the rebuilding and resale of commercial, income-producing properties.

Rebuilding of America leverages the CDs to purchase, rehabilitate, modernize or finish foreclosed income-producing properties throughout the U.S. 100 percent of the profits from these projects are then returned to the investors, equally, on an annual basis.

Rebuilding of America’s operational capital is derived from the interest on the CDs. Original investments are never compromised or used and will be returned to the investors after a five-year term.

When people join, a Certificate of Authenticity is immediately provided and they are kept informed, on a quarterly basis, about the progress of their project.

With decades of construction, building and sales expertise, the team at Rebuilding of America is perfectly poised to be leading this ambitious economic-stimulus package. They hire only reputable and licensed building and consulting professionals to ensure quality workmanship and maximum return on each investment.

“If fundraisers can gather millions of dollars to fund political campaigns for change at $5 per person, we can also make real change at $20 per person,” Jameson says.

More information:

Worldwide Investments, Dba Rebuilding of America, 14421 Ovid Drive, Hudson, FL 34667.