Superlife World Service, a New Web Network, Powers Transition to Better World

MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. — Take a deep breath and position your surfboard. A social tsunami is coming. So says Richard W. Samson, founder of Superlife World Service, a web network that makes its debut today. The tsunami, an emerging meta-trend, “will either swamp us or carry us to a whole new future,” he predicts.

The Superlife site – – will help people ride the wave successfully.

What is the meta-trend or over-arching development? “It’s the combined force of accelerating developments in consciousness studies, quantum physics, biotechnology, economic theory and other fields,” he says. “The big picture is this: We’re rapidly entering a hyper-human age of expanded powers and possibilities. Within our lifetimes, we’re moving from life to superlife.”

Drawing upon today’s best thinking, the Superlife site features videos of experts describing tributary surges toward very positive outcomes, “if we see what’s coming and make smart choices,” Samson says.

The tributary surges are –

* Supermind: Shifting to a new level of awareness and conscious control.
* Superspirit: Tapping “the force” (call it God or quantum energy) with scientific clarity and impact.
* Superhealth: Living to 100-plus in good shape.
* Superscience: Making planet-saving breakthroughs by adding new scope, objectivity, and focus to research.
* Superbusiness: Creating universal wealth by turning industry and commerce totally green and globally fair.
* Supersociety: Taming violence and creating a golden age by making basic necessities and opportunity available to all.

Samson emphasizes that there is an equal chance of disastrous outcomes. “We need to see the tsunami coming so we can ride it.”

Featured experts include leaders in medicine, biotechnology, physics, electronics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion, business, the arts, community development, and other fields.

Many of the videos are embedded in the site from YouTube and Google Video. “We make the meta-trend clear by aggregating the relevant items all in one place,” says Samson. “We also add perspective and action options — through our articles, forum, and membership roster. Most important, we make the overall synergy visible and accessible.”

Joining Superlife – at – costs nothing, and there are tools to help members promote their services or solutions. “Worthwhile projects will get a boost through Superlife,” Samson says. “Change makers as well as consumers will benefit.”

Superlife is an offering of EraNova Institute, a New Jersey think tank directed by Samson.

Samson introduced the concepts of hyper-human skills, hyperjobs, and the hyper-human economy in Futurist Magazine in 2004 and 2005. An expert on mental skills, he has published 10 books and served as consultant to IBM, AT&T, and other leading organizations.

Valerie G, editor at CANW
Valerie G has been an editor with California Newswire for several years, is a gifted theremin player, can quote copious lines from 'Red Dwarf' and also knows where her towel is. Oddly, she does not drive, nor does she take the bus. She identifies as both human and democrat.