LOS ANGELES, Calif. — After 39 years of working as an insurance professional, Bob Johnson of the Bob Johnson Project, decided it was time for a change. Upon retiring, he traded in his ties for t-shirts and has worked with a designer to create a t-shirt line with a positive message.

While the t-shirt business is very different from the insurance industry, Johnson was not able to easily abandon 39 years of insurance jargon; it is part of who he is. He refers to the positive visual messages portrayed on his t-shirts as “policies” and the t-shirts itself as “coverage.”

Bob Johnson Project The t-shirts are designed in vintage style and currently, six creative designs are available. They include: circus, hula hoop, origami, weightlifter, horse and butterfly.

Positive messages vary based on the design. For example, the circus has a message of “there is no limit to what you can do”; the Hula Hoop communicates that “you don’t need to be young to be youthful”; and the Butterfly message inspires people to “take time to enjoy the little things in life.”

“All t-shirts are designed to fit and feel like an old favorite,” Denise Plumb, t-shirt designer said. “They have all been washed several times, are pre-shrunk, and manufactured from 100 percent organic cotton; they are super soft and much like a t-shirt that has been loved for many years.”

Bob Johnson t-shirts are manufactured in the U.S. and are for sale on the Bob Johnson Project web site. Plans are currently underway to expand into other retail outlets. In the spring, expansion also includes adding short-sleeve t-shirts, men’s and possibly children’s designs to the line. Currently, only long-sleeve, women’s t-shirts are available.

“I bought one of each,” Kathlyn Horan of Atlanta, Ga. Said. “I only hope that Bob creates one more so I can wear a different one each day of the week.”

According to Bob, “change is good and it’s never too late.” He hopes that his clients will be inspired by these new polices and coverage. Each t-shirt comes with its own policy number so customers are covered for life.

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